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17 Unique Ways To Take Better Care Of The Heart In Cold

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The heart should not feel cold!

17 Unique Ways To Take Better Care Of The Heart In Cold

For people struggling with heart diseases, the winter season is especially to take precautions. This is the time when the risk of heart attack increases by 50%. So let's see how to take care of the heart in the cold...


In the winter season, there is often chest tightness, pain, and difficulty in breathing. This is seen in people associated with their problems. Problems related to high blood pressure and cholesterol also increase. heart attack stroke cases are also more common. Many morning walk or office goers need to take special precautions. During this time, the blood vessels constrict due to an excess of sympathy. Which increases the risk of heart disease. Do not ignore chest discomfort and pain in winter, pain in neck and arms, gums and breathing difficulties. 

Winter is heavy on heart health, why?

Due to excess cold, the minimum temperature starts dropping significantly. The speed of cold winds keeps increasing. In winter, body moisture begins to decrease rapidly, which our hearts have to pump more to maintain normal. As a result, oxygen demand in the blood increases. The blood vessels also shrink and the arteries that carry blood to the heart begin to get affected.

The risk of these heart diseases increases-

It is often seen in people suffering from heart diseases that due to the shrinkage of the arteries on cold days there is a problem of high blood pressure and restlessness, so the body needs more oxygen due to stress or extreme fatigue, due to which the risk of diseases increases...

1- Coronary heart diseaseIn such a situation the heart may suddenly stop working. This condition can occur due to blocked arteries in winter. During this period, the likelihood of arterial obstruction increases, especially if the weight is overweight or physical activity is less when such a condition occurs.

2- Heart attack and heart failure (HF)Indeed, heart failure (HF) is a condition when the heart's ability to pump blood decreases as the heart muscle begins to weaken. A blood attack is blocked in the heart attack, which reduces the amount of blood in the muscles. The narrowing of the arteries in the cold often affects the heart's ability to reduce blood and causes pain in various parts of the body due to swelling in the legs, difficulty in breathing, and fatigue.

3- Breathlessness: In cold, the nose gets closed many times which causes trouble in breathing. In such a situation the lungs are pressurized and they have to work more. By the way, it is becoming common in heart patients that a person's breath stops more than one in his sleep. When there is an obstruction in breathing, our brain creates pressure to wake up so that the breath is done properly. Heart patients should not ignore symptoms such as breathlessness, snoring, poor memory and headaches.

4- Pulmonary Hypertension (ph): It affects the lungs and arteries on the right side of the heart. It is a type of hypertension. In this case, the pulmonary artery and capillaries shrink. There is more pressure on the already blocked arteries. In this, a person may feel a dizzy, shiver and may even faint.

5- Diabetes troubles people: In winter, shortening of the days leads to more hunger, due to which blood sugar increases. Also, blood pressure increases due to the shrinking of the arteries. For some such reasons, sugar control in the body of sugar victims is disturbed. Most cases of a heart attack have been seen between 4:00 am and 10:00 am. Apart from this, people tend to reduce exercise, yoga, and walking in winter, due to which there is no consumption of calories. In this case, a heart attack can also occur due to an increase in blood pressure.

Heart patients keep these things in mind

There are many treatments and techniques to keep heart-healthy. By bringing lifestyle changes with them, you can avoid many types of risks related to cold weather. It is better than the heart patients do not delay visiting the doctor before the cold increases and getting the right treatment will give great relief.

1- Accurate treatment at the right timeDue to the progress in the field of intervention cardiology, now heart problems can be detected and treated soon. "Cardiac reciprocation therapy defibrillator (CRT-D)" can be dealt with before the problem becomes severe if the heart rate is irregular. This device, working on the principle of the peshmakar, has a "built-in implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD)", which is implanted under the patient's chest skin. Its strings pass through the veins to the heart. Which helps in correcting with heart rate see.

2- Make these important changes in lifestyleInclude a balanced diet, consumption of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, healthy fat, etc. in daily diet. Follow a healthy routine. Try to be stress-free. Decide the time to sleep and eat.

What does yoga say

There are some asanas of yoga in cold weather that can make the health of the heart-healthy. You can include asanas like Dandasana, Sukhasana, and Vriksasana in your routine. Apart from this, heart patients should do Dhanurasana and Chakrasana. This strengthens the spine and increases flexibility in the body. Be careful not to do asanas without a warm-up.

Ayurvedic treatment

To maintain heart health, Ayurveda emphasizes on catering. The emphasis is on fresh and natural food rather than processed foods, greasy food, junk food. It is advisable to get adequate sleep, rest and sometimes fasting for a healthy lifestyle.

What to do in the event of an emergency?

➭ On cold days not only the heart patients but also the people around keep an eye on the patient. Note that there is no irregular heartbeat. In the case of shortness of breath, chest pain and fainting, immediately go to the doctor.
➭ Heart-sensitive heart patients are at risk of hypothermia. So avoid outdoor activities.
➭ If you have been feeling tired for a long time or have shortness of breath, persistent sweating, heartburn, swelling of the feet or any part of your body, consult a doctor immediately.
➭ Try to cough loudly in the event of an attack. This will put pressure on the heart and intensify the blood effect. Especially take long and deep breaths.
➭ If the patient suddenly stops breathing, give him CPR or close his nose and breathe through the mouth, and take him to the doctor.
➭ In the event of an attack, give the patient a straight lie down and loosen his clothes so that he is comfortable to breathe.

Keep these things in mind in the cold

Taking care of some special things prevents the excess effect of cold on the heart from growing. So let's see what we need in the cold...

➤ Keep windows open during the day in the house, so that sunlight can enter inside. This keeps the room temperature balanced.
➤ Dressed in a single layer instead of wearing heavy clothes while exiting the house. Keep hats and scarves together.
➤ Eat things with hot effects. It provides energy to keep the body active in winter.
➤ At night, you can carry a hot water bottle or electric blanket with you for extra warmth.
➤ Keep an eye on the early signs of cold and flu. Chronic cold and flu infections put pressure on the heart. Do not delay in contacting a doctor. Do not be negligent when symptoms like fever, tremors, sore throat, runny nose, muscle and body pain, vomiting and diarrhea are seen.
➤ eat healthy food. Do have breakfast in the morning. eat fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating fried, roasted and junk food. Eat less salt.
➤ Do have breakfast in the morning. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating fried, roasted and junk food. Eat less salt.
➤  Keep the temperature balanced indoors. Wear warm clothes. Maintain a temperature of at least 18 ° C.
➤ Soak incense, so that there is no deficiency of vitamin-D in the body. Vitamin-D is good for heart health.
➤ Consult your doctor about flu vaccination. This reduces the risk of catching the flu.
➤ Bake with the sun, so that the body is not deficient in vitamin-D. Vitamin-D is good for heart health.
➤ remain active. Exercise to keep the heart better with the advice of experts. This will keep the body temperature right.

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Eating white Bread is Increasing Insomnia Problem

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Beware: Eating white Bread is Increasing Insomnia 

Eating white Bread is Increasing Insomnia Problem
White Bread

Insomnia problem is increasing among elderly women who eat sweets and white bread. After studying the diet of 50 thousand women of 60 years of age, it was found that eating more processed grains and sugar reduces sleep and people can become insomnia.

Hormone production causes problems

According to New York scientists, by eating more sugar, the blood sugar levels in the body change so much that the body begins to produce a hormone that works to stay awake longer. According to scientists, the lack of sleep makes people desire to eat more because it causes hunger. The research found that 16% of women who had a sweeter and processed diet increased their risk of insomnia.
Columbia University psychologist and researcher Doctor Gangvist said that our research has shown that people who suffer from insomnia are to blame for their diet. In addition to preventing weight gain, people should avoid sweet and processed diets in their diet. However, this research has not revealed that white bread, cakes, pastries, and sweet pasta and processed carbohydrates disturb one's sleep, but Doctor Gangwist said that hormonal changes may be the cause. When blood sugar levels rise, your body reacts and releases insulin. Reduces and secrete hormones called adrenal and cortisol. Sleep can be disrupted by this hormone.

Foods with a low glycemic index should be consumed

Women involved in this research have passed menopause and the glycemic index in their diet was measured by researchers. This index measures one's blood sugar effects. The glycemic index of fat and protein-rich foods is lower than that of carbohydrates and sugar. Carbohydrates and sugar immediately increase blood sugar levels.

The important factor is the glycemic index

Researchers found that women who had the highest glycemic index in their diet had an insomnia problem 11% higher than other women. The risk of suffering from insomnia during the 3 years of his research was also more than 16%. The insomnia problem was very less among women whose diet had vegetables, fiber, whole fruits. Whole fruits also contain sugar, but the fiber present also reduces the increase in blood sugar levels. This lowers the glycemic index of these foods.

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Follow these 5 important tips to get rid of cough

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These 5 home remedies give relief from phlegm


There will be no one in the house who has not had two to four problems of phlegm in winter. As the cold increases, the problem of phlegm, cold, etc. increases and some people take medicines by themselves to get relief from it. The drug stops cough, cough, but phlegm remains in the body. If the phlegm does not come out of the body, it can prove to be very dangerous for health. The phlegm sitting in the body weakens the body. It can cause blood loss and it can also cause difficulty in breathing. This may cause body pain. Not only this, but it also produces laziness and depression. If the phlegm in the body increases too much, the brain stops working. Excess of phlegm in the body can cause great harm to those who have problems with the skin or digestive system. So throw the cuff out.

Avoid cough in these 5 ways-

➭ Gargle by adding some salt to lukewarm water or gargle with tea water. Heat a glass of water, add tea leaves and add a little salt, let it cool down a bit. Then gargle with him. The cough will come out, body pain will also reduce and throat will also be clean.
Grind ginger a little, then add a little honey to it and drink it after sipping. By this, the mucus comes out of the body very fast.
If you have mucus and a lot of pain in your body, do a little work - dissolve a little turmeric in half a cup of water. If it is Aama Turmeric is even better. Then sip this water and drink it. Then see its benefit.
Usually do not remove phlegm. Take a towel like this. Soak the towels in salted water. Then squeeze it and see with your hand how hot it can be kept on the baby's skin. It should not be too fast. Throat and chest compress with this hot towel. This will remove his phlegm slowly.
Must eat carrots in winter. Eat carrots as a salad or take kheer or juice. This has a positive effect on the eyes. Drinking carrot soup removes phlegm and you will get agility and agility.

Top 10 Unique Air-Purifying Plants To Reduce Pollution

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Air-purifying plants will give strength by fighting pollution

For stress-free and restful sleep, clean and pure air is very important. There are options of mask and air-purifier etc. to clean the air inside the house, but there are some plants, which can be given the space to purify the house air naturally.
             There are many things related to our daily routine and living conditions that make the air in the house polluted. According to the report of the World Health Organization, there is an increased risk of harm from communicable diseases due to bad air inside the house. People living with heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lung problems are also required to remain in the air.

How air purifying plants work-

Aloe vera, neem, and snake-plants are many such plants that give oxygen even at night. Such plants can serve as air-purifiers for the home. Many indoor plants reduce the effects of ammonia gas from the bathroom, toxic gases from the waste, detergents, toxic gases from the furniture and carbon monoxide of the stove, etc.

1- Peace Lily 

If you want any fragrance with greenery, keep the evergreen piece of lily in the house. Growing under low light and once a week in simple doses of water, this plant has an amazing ability to prevent air pollution. Minimizes the effects of many toxic winds.

2- Snake Plant 

This plant removes toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene and keeps the house clean from inside. Prevents pollution by increasing oxygen levels in the air. Ammonia also neutralizes the effect of the gas. This plant reduces the smell of waste. Absorbing nitrogen oxide and polluted air help in getting better sleep.

3- Spider Plant 

This indoor plant that looks like a spider helps purify the air. This requires less water. The plant reduces the effects of benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene, reducing the effect of harmful substances used in the leather, rubber, and printing industries.

4- Rubber Plant

It is commonly known as an ornamental plant. Its biggest feature is that this plant can survive even in the slightest sun. It keeps the environment free from harmful organic compound formaldehyde released from the furniture. You can keep it near the furniture.

5- Basil

This plant helps in keeping the air pure. Filters toxic gases from the air. It also has many medicinal properties. For this, regular sunlight and water are required.

6- Neem 

Neem helps in fighting diseases with antioxidant properties. Apply neem outside the house. This plant keeps the air clean at night as well, it also acts as a natural insecticide.

7- Money Plant 

It helps in removing toxic winds like carbon monoxide present in the air. The best thing is that it grows easily anywhere.

8- English Ivy 

This plant is considered to be the best air conditioner. It is believed that it can purify the air up to 94%. It can also be easily planted in the room. It can be quite good for asthma patients and is also good for restful sleep. This plant also gives oxygen at night.

9- Aloe Vera

It is a small and easily planted plant. It can be applied indoors and outdoors in light sunlight and slightly moist soil. It releases oxygen at night and also has many medicinal properties.

10- Bamboo Pump

This plant, which keeps spider webs away, controls decor as well as humidity within the room. Do not keep it in direct sunlight, but the plant must get air.

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The Risk Of Blindness Is Increasing Due To Air Pollution

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Air pollution is increasing the risk of blindness

The Risk Of Blindness Is Increasing Due To Air Pollution

Living in more polluted areas may increase the risk of blindness. This has been claimed in recent research. Researchers found that people living in more polluted areas had a 6% increased risk of glaucoma (eye-related disease) than people living in clean areas.

Glaucoma patients are increasing-

One in 50 people is showing signs of glaucoma at age 40. At this stage, it is ignored. At the same time, 10 out of 50 people at the age of 75 are suffering from glaucoma. Researchers believe that due to the aging population, the number of glaucoma patients will increase in the coming years.

Blood arteries become compressed-

60 million people worldwide suffer from glaucoma disease. 10% of these have been visited. The disease is caused by the death of cells present in the retina. 5 lakh people in the UK and 27 lakh people in the US are struggling with this disease.
            Scientists believe that due to air contamination, the blood vessels behind the retina become narrower, causing cells to die or nerves are damaged by a toxic chemical going directly into the eye. Scientists said that micro-pollutants that come out of vehicles and industries, go through the breath into the lungs and mix in the blood.
              The pollutants present in the blood make the blood arteries and nerves narrower and this increases the blood pressure. Researchers at University College London analyzed data of 111,370 participants. This data was taken from the UK biobank and the eyes of these participants were examined between 2006 and 2010. The levels of air pollution were then compared based on the habitat information of the participants. Those who lived in the most polluted areas had a 6% higher risk of glaucoma.

What do researchers say-

The retina of people living in more polluted areas was much thinner than others. It is considered to be one of the thinnest levels of glaucoma. Principal researcher Professor Paul Faster said, "We have seen in our research why air pollution should be considered a more serious matter." Avoiding air pollution is also important for eye health along with other health-related matters. Our research has found a relationship between air pollution and glaucoma. More research is needed to determine whether glaucoma is caused by air pollution.
              Professor Foster said that the relationship between the two is even stronger in countries where pollution levels are severe most of the time. He said that his research has not taken into account indoor pollution and pollution in the workplace.

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Research: New drug will remove kidney stones very easily

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The new drug will remove kidney stones easily

Research: New drug will remove kidney stones very easily


New medicine has been prepared for those suffering from kidney stones, which will make it easier to get the stones out through urine. The stone is very painful to pass through urine. To overcome this pain and discomfort, a new medicine has been created which slightly dilates the urethra and urethra, which will reduce the pain. 

Medication is given in the urinary tract-

Researcher Dr. Chima said that there is swelling in the thin ureter during the discharge of stones from the kidney and this causes great pain to the patient. The medicine made by them is given directly into the ureter so that the tube can be widened. The researcher successfully tested this drug on pigs.

The process of removing stones is painful-

Every year in the US, about 5 lakh people complain of kidney stones. For this treatment, painkillers are given and waiting for the stones to come out of the urine. This process is very painful and takes about 10 days.
              Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have designed a mixture of 2 drugs that loosen the ureter. This tube connects the kidney to the bladder. By widening the ureter, the stone gives more room to exit. This drug has been tested on animals. In the last 40 years, no treatment for kidney stones has been developed. In such a situation, this drug can prove to be a boon for kidney patients.
               Principal researcher Michael Cheema said, "We hope that this drug will completely cure kidney stone disease." Millions of people worldwide suffer from this disease.

How kidney stones are made-

Kidney stones are hard, which accumulate in the kidney. This stone is formed when there is not enough water in the urine. Surgery is recommended in case of large stones, but such cases are rare. Most patients are given pain-relieving drugs and then wait for 10 days for the stones to break out.

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Common Cold-Cold Virus Going Beyond The Umbilical Cord

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The virus can reach the fetus in the womb

Common Cold-Cold Virus Going Beyond The Umbilical Cord

The virus of cold and cold that occurs during the winter can infect the fetus on the placenta of women. According to recent research, the virus can also reach an unborn child in case of a cold and cold.

Role of umbilical Cord-

The umbilical cord is an integral part of women's bodies, which protects and nourishes the baby during pregnancy. The child survives in the mother's womb with this support. A pregnant woman remains attached to her child through the umbilical cord. It protects the child from many types of infections.

The umbilical cord acts as a sentinel-

Researchers at Tulane University in the United States said that the umbilical cord acts as a watchdog during pregnancy and carries nutrition and oxygen to the baby. It also prevents bacteria from reaching the child and also helps in its development. The umbilical cord connects the baby to the mother's body.
                 It was previously believed that the umbilical cord cannot be infiltrated. However, recent research has shown that the 'Zika virus' is crossing the barrier of the umbilical cord and infecting the fetus.
                  Researcher 'Giovanni Piedmontese' said, for the first time in our research, it has been proved that even the common cold-virus can cross the umbilical cord and infect the fetus that if a pregnant woman has a common cold-cold The virus can reach the mother as well as the fetus and infect them before birth.

Tests were done on the umbilical cord-

The researchers extracted three major cells from the donated umbilical cord. These cells are cytotrophoblast, stroma fibroblast, and Hofbauer. Researchers in the lab exposed these cells to the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). This virus has a common cold. They found that cytotrophoblast cells managed to stop the virus, but stroma fibroblasts and Hofbauer cells were found to be at greater risk of becoming infected with the virus. The researchers said that Hofbauer cells gave the virus a chance to spread inside itself.
                         Since these cells reach the fetus via the umbilical cord, the researchers believe that the virus can also cause the transmission to the fetus. These cells do not die even after being infected with the virus. This virus invades the lungs of the fetus and infects them. This increases the risk of asthma disease in children after birth.

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Hair loss

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Now you will get relief from hair loss soon.

Introduction of hair loss 

Until recently, baldness was considered a genetic problem. But today it has also become a lifestyle problem. Baldness is the reduction or gradual loss of hair. It is called 'Ellopia' in the medical language. According to experts, 20 to 25 hair loss is normal every day, but it is important to be careful when this number is 4 or more. In medical terms, the real cause of baldness is the change in our hormone testosterone, which leads to the formation of a new hormone dehydrosterone. There can be many other reasons for baldness.

Hair needs all these nutrients-

⤮ Vitamin-C is necessary: If there is a deficiency of vitamin C, then the health of the hair is bound to be affected. To overcome its deficiency, include citrus fruits and vegetables like Gooseberry, oranges, lemons, and tomatoes in the diet.

⤮ Take a protein diet: Foods like milk and cheese are essential for hair health. Protein deficiency causes hair to fall out, and become weak. In such a situation, eat grains, milk, cheese, fish, eggs, chicken, etc. to overcome protein deficiency.

⤮ Antioxidants and vitaminsEdible green leafy vegetables contain iron, copper, many antioxidants and vitamin-B, C and E in abundance. Apart from this, take vitamins B-3, B-5, B-9 in the diet. Add milk, almonds, spinach, oranges, soybeans, etc. to increase the amount of vitamin-E. Eating one banana daily makes hair stronger. It contains adequate amounts of vitamins A and B in the form of sugar, fiber, thymine, niacin and folic acid. Apart from this, eat vegetables like carrot and beet during winter. For zinc, barley and egg yolks, milk products, and magnesium eat pears, cashews, milk, and bananas.

The main causes of hair loss-

 Growing Old: With increasing age, the body's resistance starts decreasing. Due to this, the person becomes a victim of 'alopecia areata' many times. This problem starts due to a crease in body resistance. In this, hair falls from different places in the head, not from one place.

⤮ Changes in hormones: Hormonal changes can also cause hair loss and fall. This problem can occur at any age. 10 Even at a young age of ten years, changes in hormones can cause the child to suffer from hair loss. In women, especially during the delivery, the changes in hormones cause a lot of hair loss.

⤮ Due to some disease: Often the stress caused by some serious illness and the drugs consumed during that time also affect the hair. In many people, it affects the quality of hair, while in some, hair starts falling fast. This condition is called 'telogen effluvium', it is directly related to hormones. Typhoid or many other fevers also affects the hair and hair starts falling fast.

⤮ Tension: Stress is the main cause of hair loss in youth. Due to this, not only young but also children are getting white hair, hair fall, and baldness. Many problems in stress hair, such as; Alopecia areata, telogen effluvium, and trichotillomania are the major causes of stress, as our whole hormone system deteriorates.

⤮ Heredity:  The direct cause of baldness also comes in the form of heredity. If the parents or any other person in the family has a problem of hair loss or baldness, then you also fall victim to it. In genetic cases, the hair on the front of the head tends to be shorter.

⤮ Nutritional Deficiencies: Lack of protein, vitamins, and minerals in the body also affects the hair. Nutritious food is essential hormones of the body, such as; Maintains large amounts of  DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). Hair loss is certain to happen in the absence of it.

Symptoms of hair loss-

 Among Men: Baldness problems in men are usually due to genetic reasons. It can start at any age. In the beginning, most of the hair starts to fall from the front and then gradually decreases from the upper part. 

 Among Women:  Like men, women also suffer from baldness, but this process is slow in them. The problems of baldness in women are different and less than in men. The only symptom of baldness in women may be that the width in their hairline is increasing. However, it is rare for women to leave their hair completely.

Types of hair loss-

 Telogen Effluvium: This is a type of temporary hair loss. It causes a lot of hair to fall at the same time.

 Androgenetic AlopeciaIt is a genetic type of hair fall. It is seen in both men and women. This problem can start at the age of 20 years. Hairline starts to decrease in this. In this, the hairs remain as a bandage on the back and sides of the men's head.

 Alopecia AreataThis problem arises in the form of baldness in the small part of the head. It is an autoimmune condition in which white blood cells (WBCs) attack and destroy hair follicles. It causes patches of baldness to fall from the hair.

 Scrolling Aloepicia: This condition usually occurs when the hair follicles are destroyed. Often this problem arises due to some kind of infection, disease or excessive use of medicines.

➲ Traction Alopecia: This is due to the hair being pulled in the same manner for a long time, like keeping a hairstyle or braid in a special way. But after changing the hairstyle, that is, after finishing the hair stretch, hair fall stops in it.

Treatment of hair loss-

⭄ Medications: Some medicines are also effective to prevent hair fall. Many times hair loss is reduced by the supply of iron supplements.

⭄ Hair Transplant: If hair begins to fall more than a Sima and baldness appears on the front or top of the head, then the hair transplant plan is adopted. In this, hair from another part of the body is installed on the baldness. In most cases, these hairs are taken from the back of the body. It is said that it causes small marks on the body and there is a possibility of infection. This process is also very long and expensive. This technique helps to make the hair thick and the hair is re-developed in the areas where the follicles are still alive. The condition of the scalp also improves.

⭄ Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP): In this therapy, the treatment is done with the help of surgery from the platelets of the body itself, so that the skin is not at risk of infection and hair starts growing.

⭄ Mesotherapy: During this therapy, the scalp's skin is injected with vitamins and protein via a needle. By this, hair follicles are repaired and tried to grow hair again.

⭄ Wig and Hairpiece: When a person becomes completely bald, there is only a remedy for wig and hairpiece. In this, perfectly real looking hair is prepared for her, which is similar to her look and natural hair.

Myths related to hair loss-

⭄ Wearing a hat breaks hair: There is no damage to the hair and head skin from any kind of hat or hat. Oxygen is not required to keep the hair beautiful and healthy.

⭄ More shampoos cause hair loss: Excessive use of shampoo also has no relation with hair breakage and loss. Hair often breaks during washing, this is a normal process. It is definitely necessary to apply good quality shampoos.

⭄ Hair breaks by keeping it open: It is said that women with open hair have more hair breakage. Creating different styling from hair is also responsible for hair breakage. While these are not true. Usually, hair breaks due to not taking proper care of the hair.

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Shift work is very dangerous for the mind

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Changing shift every week is dangerous for the mind
Shift work is very dangerous for the mind
Shift work is hazardous for the mind

Nowadays the trend of working round the clock in most companies is increasing. Therefore, a large number of people have to work in the night shift, then every week their shift changes. That is, sometimes morning shift, sometimes evening or sometimes night. If you ever work in such a shift, then not only will you be more at risk of obesity and diabetes, but this changing shift can also give you mental illnesses.

                A study conducted by researchers at a university in the UK showed that people working in shifts were 33 percent more likely to experience depression and anxiety, especially those who did not work or work on night shifts. Or were people who worked in the shifts of 9 to 5 o'clock.

Risk of mental illness-

Also, people working in shifts are 28 percent more likely to suffer from mental health problems. This result is revealed after examining 28,438 participants included in the previous 7 studies.

Irritability and mood changes-

Experts involved in the study say that frequent shift changes affect our sleeping and waking habits. Our body is unable to cope with this change happening in the habit of sleeping and waking, which causes irritability in people. It also causes changes in mood and social isolation.

Many more problems too-

A research conducted in Japan has revealed that people who work in shifts were 50 percent more prone to diabetes than those who work in the day. Also, digestive problems of such people and many kinds of diseases like; Problems of high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and high cholesterol were found.

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Diabetes: Small reforms will bring great relief

Introduction to Diabetes

Due to increasing cases of diabetes, India is also known as the capital of diabetes. India is also one of the first three countries to suffer from diabetes on a large scale. It is difficult to completely eliminate diabetes, but by improving lifestyle the ability of insulin in the body can be controlled.
               In simple words, the level of sugar in the blood and urine of a diabetic person increases. It is caused by disturbances in the process of hormones called insulin in the body. Also, it has an important role in controlling blood sugar levels.

Main types of diabetes

Type-1 Diabetes: This happens especially to children. In this case, the B cells of the pancreas become unable to form insulin. In this case, patients are given insulin from outside, which should not be discontinued in any form without the advice of the doctor. This can cause patients to go into a condition of ketoacidosis, which is serious. 

Type-2 Diabetes: Type-2 diabetes is also common. In this, sensitivity to insulin is reduced in patients. Important reasons for this include stress and poor lifestyle.

Gestational Diabetes (diabetes in pregnancy): Some hormones are increased in the body of women during pregnancy. The sensitivity of insulin decreases due to those hormones, which increases the risk of diabetes. In most pregnant women, the problem of diabetes is resolved after delivery. If the blood glucose level is not normal even after 6 weeks, then type-2 diabetes is the problem in such women.

Symptoms of Diabetes

Experiencing thirst again and again
Excessive urination
Loss of appetite. Diabetics are unable to use the blood sugar present in physical activities. This always leads to a lack of energy and tiredness. Repeated hunger pangs. This is due to the lack of insulin in the body or the decrease in insulin absorption capacity in the body.
Sudden weight loss. Since the sugar gets out of the body through urine and the tissues are not able to get full nutrition, this causes the body to lose weight.
Anorexia, urinary infection, numbness in hands and feet, blurred vision are also seen in sexual relations.

Problems During Diabetes

Diabetes Retinopathy: Continuous diabetes increases damage to the arteries of the retina of the eye. If there is no timely treatment, the eye light can also go.

Diabetes Neuropathy: The constant rise in blood sugar in patients with diabetes affects the nervous system of the body. This results in numbness in hands and feet. Many times patients do not even feel hurt and the wound is aggravated.

Diabetes Nephropathy: Constant blood sugar rise also affects the kidneys. Due to this, the amount of protein in urine increases. Diabetics should also undergo microalbumin testing with sugar. If a protein or albumin is present, see a doctor.

Diabetes Foot/Gangrene

The feet are at the distance of the heart in the body, due to which the circulation of blood is affected quickly. In the case of diabetes, there is an increased risk of infection in the soft tissues and bones of the foot, which leads to an easily untreated ulcer in the foot. This is called 'diabetes foot'. Diabetes patients can take a big form if they get hurt even at the slightest. Sometimes it can also take the form of gangrene, due to which considerable part of the leg has to be amputated. To avoid this, it is very important to keep blood sugar under control. The cleanliness of the feet should be taken care of. Diabetics should also avoid heating hands-on fire. Many diabetic patients suffer from diabetes neuropathy, which may reduce their leg sensitivity. In such a situation, a wound can take the form of diabetes foot. Diabetic patients should not even walk bare feet.

Make these lifestyle changes

Food and Drink: Avoid sweet and greasy things. Eat green leafy vegetables. Do not take junk and fast food. Eat less rice. All fruits like; Banana, coconut water also have high sugars, take them only in small quantities. Avoid cold drinks. Each 500 mL cola beverage contains up to four and a half tablespoons of sugar. High fiber foods such as; Take oats, ragi, millet, brown rice, and low-fat dairy products. Eat plenty of fenugreek, cinnamon, drumstick leaves, and lentils.

Routine check-up: If you are above 45 years of age, are overweight, have a waist girth of 35 and more than 40 inches in men, then get regular diabetes check-up. If there is a history of diabetes in the family then it becomes even more important. If you are at the stage of pre-diabetes, keep the blood glucose level test kit in the house and keep an eye on it.

Smoking: Smokers are 30 to 40 percent more likely to develop diabetes than others. The nicotine present in cigarettes and tobacco narrows the arteries. The risk of developing vascular diseases such as deepen thrombosis is also high in patients with diabetes. If smoking and diabetes are combined, the risk of heart and brain trauma increases up to 3 times.

Regular Exercise: Regular exercise is very important. If possible, walk three to four kilometers daily. Make a rule for a light walk after eating. Exercise is believed to have an effect on blood sugar levels for up to 12 hours. Cholesterol levels do not rise and the ability to withstand stress increases. Whatever exercise you are doing aerobics or yoga, be sure to consult the experts. Avoid exercising on days when your blood sugar level is above 250.

Keep the weight down: Control body weight. It will increase the ability to accept insulin in those with type-2 diabetes. There will be less pressure on the heart too.

Ayurvedic Treatment

From the point of view of medicine in Ayurveda, diabetic patients are divided into two parts, macro, and Indigestion.

Macro Patients: Treatment of overweight diabetic patients are done with the Appendix drug of Ayurveda. This reduces obesity in patients and reduces blood glucose levels by increasing the ability to accept insulin. Among these abrasions, Triphala, Shilajit, Jamun, Turmeric, Nimba, Mesh is best suited for diabetics.

IndigestionIn this, such medicine is given to the patient, so that the weight of the patient is not reduced and the sugar should also be controlled, such as; Use of Amalaki Chemicals. In Ayurveda, various medicine substances like; Guduchi, Khadir, Shilajit, iron and Swarna Bhasma should be used according to the advice of the doctor. There are also medicines that benefit in diabetic retinopathy and neuropathy. Ayurveda has many single drug substances and also reduces the risk of infection. These include Neem, Giloy, Triphala, Khadir, Shilajit, etc. There are also multidisciplinary kalp, which increases blood circulation in the feet, which benefits patients with diabetes feet. These medicines should be taken only with the advice of a doctor.