Tuesday, August 13, 2019

9 Unique Diets

Ketogenic Diet, Mind Diet, Mind Diet, Dash Diet, Atkins Diet, Weight Watchers Diet, Low Glycemic Diet, The Zone Diet, South Seed Diet.

Start taking these diets today for your healthy life 


10 percent Indian days and 36 percent every week is called fried food. 56 percent of women are unable to eat fruits even once a week. Most of the snacks of Indians are fried, such as samosa, dumplings, kachoris, etc.

        Did anyone think that the diet prevalent during the time of world war or time will become a part of our plate too? Today, one of the three of us is going to the shelter of experts, apps, and websites in search of the right diet plan. So let us see what are the diet with the help of which you can give yourself a healthy life-

(1) Ketogenic Diet

Those consuming this type of diet have to reduce their intake of carbohydrates is carbs and increase their intake of fat. It may sound strange, but in nearly 20 studies, this diet has proved that this diet is very effective for weight loss. The goal of the keto diet is to keep the carbs low enough that the body goes into a ketosis state of metabolism (metabolism). In this state, the effect of insulin decreases in the body, releasing large amounts of fatty acids from its fat stores.

Staple food: In this diet, healthy fatty foods like coconut, seeds, fish, olive oil, avocado, etc. are included prominently in the diet.

(2) Mind Diet

Mind means here, the Mediterranean dash intervention for neurogenic dele. This type of diet aims to reduce many of the declines in brain health, including dementia. This diet is effective in decreasing mental abilities with aging. It is actually a mixture of elements of Mediterranean and Dash.

Staple foodThis includes whole grains, green leafy vegetables, fish, chicken, beans, nuts, olive oil, butter, cheese, cheese, etc.

(3) Paleo Or Newman Paleolithic Diet 

The Palio or Newman is based on the food items that were in the Paleolithic, ie, the whole Paleolithic era (from about 25 million years ago to 12 thousand years ago). It usually contains such food items, which used to be collected during the hunt of Adi humans. It is to be seen that this diet includes those foods which used to start before cultivation started.                                                              

Staple foodThese include things like meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit tubers, seeds, herbs, healthy fat oil. Processed food, sugar, cold drinks, cereal, dairy products, and trans fats are not included in this diet.    


(4) Dash Diet 

This diet helps control high blood pressure. Sodium content is kept low in it and foods rich in elements such as potassium-calcium-magnesium, which reduce blood pressure, are included. Regular intake of this diet can control high blood pressure in only two weeks. It is also beneficial for people suffering from diseases like osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

(5) Atkins Diet

The purpose of this diet is to work and maintain weight, as well as to change your eating habits, under the Atkins diet plan, you have your weight loss by taking protein and fat. However, it has to be avoided in carbohydrates. By adopting it, there is constant high energy throughout the day.

(6) Weight Watchers Diet

It is one of the most popular diets in the world, famous international fame Oprah Winfree adopted this diet plan. This diet is based on a special 'smart point system'. In which the point value is determined based on the nutritional quality of everything. Because of that point value, the diet may be fixed more or less.

(7) Low Glycemic Diet

Bread Sugar Flakes Vegetables and Dairy Products carbohydrate Different are present. It is an important part of a healthy diet, but every carbohydrate affects the level of sugar in our blood in different ways. The Gasemic Index is a measure that scores foods based on their ability to affect the level of sugar in our blood. A low glycemic diet is a diet based on this. Every food has a 'GI rating'. Those adopting this diet need to try to include only foods with a GI rating in their diet, as they are easy to digest.

Special principles related to a Low Glycemic Diet
  • Fruit like bananas, mangoes, and papayas have low GI weight gain, they have poor eating benefits. Eat plenty of protein-rich foods.
  • Eat three meals a day, take a snack once or twice. Do not leave your breakfast in the morning. Eat slowly and stop eating as soon as you fill your stomach.

(8) The Zone Diet

This diet is developed to reduce inflammation of the body. Dr. Barry Sears, who developed it, says, 'Inflammation is a major cause of weight gain and early aging. Susan also gives a glow to many diseases, many diseases can be found as soon as inflammation is reduced. 'This diet has a provision of having 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fat. It is also called a very flexible diet plan.

(9) South Seed Diet

This diet is twenty 10 years old. The Southern Seaside Diet was started by Dr. Arthur Agatstone, an American cardiologist, and nutritionist Mary Alman. It is based on the control of the insulin star. It consists of three stages - two to reduce weight and one to maintain the reduced weight. This includes fishy eggs, various dairy products, chicken whole grains, and nuts. This diet is effective in keeping the heart healthy and helps in weight loss without hunger.

There are also some misconceptions

  • Having 'No Fat' or 'Low Fat' written on the label of a food product does not mean that you eat it in any amount and you will not gain weight. In fact, such labeled products often contain extra sugar, starch or salt, they increase calories.
  • Many people think that if a person is fat, it is definitely a healthy bad condition. But in reality, there are many such people, also blood sugar and cholesterol levels are normal. While the blood level of a lean person can get messed up
  • It is also a misconception that being hungry makes one lose weight. The reality is that when you are hungry for a long time, you feel fast hungry, then eating more food increases your weight more quickly.


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