Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Diseases of short length

Study: Kidney may deteriorate if the length of the child is disturbed


Kidney disease cases are increasing in children. Nephrologist Dr. Vijay Prakash Singh said that if the child is not growing tall, his legs are crooked while walking or if the bone is broken, then be alert. It is a symptom of kidney disease. He said that every tenth kidney patient is a child. Between 2 and 6 years of age, the victims of this disease are the most. The kidney does not function properly due to this disease. Protein and calcium are released in greater quantity with urine. In this case, the bones become weak. Body aches. Not only this, but the length of the child also starts to be less than the average. Face and body become swollen. Stomach swells and less urine. Due to UTI and obesity, nephrologist Dr. Anand Banka told that the infection in the path of urine is a common disease. It is more in women. If there is more infection in the path of urine. So it can also worsen the kidney.

Ongoing dialysis of 30 innocent 

30 innocent people of metropolis suffer from chronic kidney disease. Their dialysis is going on at different centers. A maximum of 7 innocent people is dialyzed in Savitri Hospital. Apart from these, innocent dialysis is going on at BRD, District Hospital and 3 private hospitals.

Consumption of cigarettes and alcohol worsens the kidneys 

Homeopathic expert Dr. Roop Kumar Banerjee said that cigarette and alcohol consumption has a direct effect on the kidneys. This slows down the flow of blood in the kidney. When less blood reaches the kidney, it does not work properly. It also increases the risk of kidney cancer by up to 50%.

These are the symptoms of the disease                          

  • When the kidney becomes bad, many harmful substances start accumulating in the body, due to which swelling starts on the hands and feet and the color of urine starts to thicken.
  • If there is pain on the left side of the stomach and if it becomes unbearable then do not ignore it.
  • Bleeding or burning sensation while urinating, sudden urination.
  • Fatigue is common throughout the day, but if weakness and tiredness start to happen, then these are symptoms of kidney failure.

How to measure

  • According to a kidney specialist, Dr. Ravi Bansal, obesity, smoking and other drug abuse is the major cause of kidney disease. Stay away from it
  •   According to Dr. Garima Agarwal of Max Hospital, avoid excessive salt intake. Excess salt increases blood pressure and after this, the kidneys gradually stop functioning.
  • Keep weight under control and avoid diabetes.

These are myths

Kidney disease is not caused by drinking too much water- this is not right. Two to four liters of water should be drunk daily. This affects kidney function by drinking more water or work.

Kidney disease is incurable- it is wrong. Kidney infections, stones, kidney TB and cancer are treated. Nephrotic syndrome is also treated.

Inflammation is the body that means kidney disease- inflammation in the body can also be caused by many diseases. One of these diseases is also kidney disease. Kidney disease doesn't need to be the cause of every inflammation.
Beer or alcohol consumption is beneficial- it is completely wrong. Beer intake increases the possibility of uric. It also affects other organs of the body.                     


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