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How to Get Rid of A Headache Fast

Immediate relief from headache, causes, and prevention

Immediate relief from headache, causes, and prevention 

How to Get Rid of A Headache Fast


 Friends, you must have felt many times that you have done some work continuously and after some time you feel that your head has become heavy and is hurting, then you start thinking what you did now and because of this thinking, Your head hurts You start eating medicine or pressing your head with someone or yourself. Dude, I am not saying that there will be no benefit from doing this, but after some time, but you, you, I want this to be benefited immediately because maybe you are doing some important work and you If you start hurting your head, you will not want this pain to end soon and I mean that you can start working again, but it is the head that is going to hurt and stop No name taking. So let's see what are the reasons that can cause your head to ache ??


Friends, if you see it, there are not one but many reasons due to which your head starts hurting, then let's see what such tasks you do, due to which your head starts to grow ??

1- Thinking more
 You must have felt many times that you are doing some work and suddenly your head starts hurting. The reason for this may be to think more because when you are doing some work and thinking very deeply due to which the pressure on your brain starts increasing and this causes your head pain. You can stop doing your work for a while to get rid of it for just 10 minutes. You can drink water and then start doing your work.

2- Work continuously
Look, man, what do I think that you continue to do some work and keep doing it and do not take the name of stopping. Some people continue to work for 4-5 hours continuously and even after suffering headaches, they think that if a man stops work now, then maybe if he does not mind later I will finish all the work. Dude, why am I talking to others? Let me tell you my own thing, I had to write an article on MovieRulz in 4000 words and that too within a day, I started writing and it took me 3 days to write and I made a PDF and sent it for which I am writing If he told me that I want to be in pure Hindi because I used too much English in the article, then I said okay and right at 5:43 pm I started writing and kept writing constantly and Until after the 10:12 pm to complete his work and also for a minute in May between picking up your chair. I too kept thinking like you guys that today I finish the work and I will rest later and in the condition of this rest, the condition became such that I could not move my neck even a little bit.


See man, I will not ask you to do any useless work here, I will say it directly. Here, I will tell you 2 ways that you can get rid of all these problems or say that you will not let them get trapped with you...

1- Some time for myself     

 See, man, you can distribute whatever work you are doing in a short time, like do the work you do continuously for 4-5 hours, do not do it for 4-5 hours, do it for one hour and take 10 minutes of rest. In this 10 minutes, drink water and sit comfortably for a while and do not do any work-related work in these 10 minutes, what will happen to your mind that there will be no pressure on your mind and friend when there is no pressure on the mind, then headaches There is no question of being born.

2- Headstand
 Look here, the first one is also very correct so that your head will never cause pain in life due to work, but it will stop you for 10 minutes, but we do not need a solution immediately. See if you have never heard of this posture, then you google it. I have not come here to tell you about this posture, I am just telling you how you can get relief from headache (due to work) in just 2 minutes. I have tried this on myself and I am telling you based on my experience. Dude, whenever your head hurts or not because of work, I am talking about work again and again because maybe your head is hurting due to some other reason and you should see the doctor Instead of doing this work and instead of benefitting your head hurts, even more, you will later give me the same street.

                  So what do you have to do ?? Suppose you have done some work for a long time and your head starts hurting, then immediately stop your work and you just do one thing. You immediately go to a wall and go back in reverse with the help of the wall, meaning head down and feet up. You just have to do this for 2 minutes. What will happen with this, due to your sitting and increasing pressure on the brain, the blood does not go well in your head and your head starts to ache, feels a bit full? As soon as you do this work, the whole blood of your body will start going towards the brain. If you want, you can stay longer. But I am talking about 2 minutes, so after 2 minutes, you sit down in the same way as the Muslim brothers sit by turning their feet or while reading the Namaz, you sit in the same way and you will be able to get the energy of next level. In. Look at it and do not forget to comment below about your experience.


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