Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Too much protein is dangerous for your health

If you always take too much protein and you are thinking that it will be good for your health then i tell you for kind you information that it will be dangerous for your health.

Too much protein is dangerous

Too much protein is dangerous
Too much protein is dangerous

Senior CMO Orthopedics G.R. According to B. Kohli, there is a direct correlation between protein intake and bone health. If you consume a small amount of protein, then the absorption of calcium in the body will be affected and the bones will also be affected and weak. Taking a high protein diet for a long time, irrespective of age affects bones negatively. Proteins derived from plants and plants are considered more above for the health of bones. By consuming these, animals absorb calcium better than protein. However, after menopause, women must pay attention to the proper intake of protein to avoid osteoporosis.
             Fitness coach and nutrition expert Sonia Bajaj say that protein-rich supplements are not the enemy of health. This is very useful for vegetarian people or those who exercise a lot or are more active in sports. Steroid-rich protein supplements definitely harm health. Kidney and liver function are greatly affected, there are wrinkles on the skin.

Modern research related to protein
  • According to research conducted in 2007, those taking a low cholesterol diet should avoid egg intake. Excess egg intake may increase the risk of type diabetes.
  • 6381 adult studies were conducted at the University of California, Los Angeles. Several categories were made based on the amount of protein consumed in it. High protein (more than 21% calorie protein), medium protein (11 to 19 %) and low protein (less than 10 %) or people over 65 % years of age who consume high amounts of protein include diabetes and The risk of death from cancer increases. At the same time, this fear is less seen in those who consume protein in medium grade.
  • As age increases, the protein requirement of the body decreases. Protein activates the Ig-F1 hormone in the body, which is responsible for the growth of tissue in the body. In this case, more protein pressures the body to grow.

How useful is protein for us

How useful is protein for us

There is hardly any doubt that protein is necessary for the development of the body. There are more than 1000 proteins found in our bodies. Keeping in mind the need of the body, only taking a high diet for a long time causes harm to the body. Protein is very important for the body. 18-20% of our body weight is protein.

Protein strengthens muscle and immune system. Protein, heart and lung tissue are healthy.

Protein is considered one of the most important micronutrients for the body. Protein diet is considered helpful in reducing weight. Protein takes longer to digest, which makes it feel stomach full for longer. Reducing the amount of protein in food helps in weight loss.

Protein is necessary for the body to function smoothly. The toxin is released from the body. It maintains the pH level of the body. Protein also improves mood. Reduces stress levels.

Protein types-

There are 2 types of this

(1) Whole protein

(2) Incomplete protein
Whole ProteinWhich contains all the essential amino acids. Proteins from animals come in this category. The protein found in the body is similar to this. The body uses them more intensely. Eggs are considered the best source of protein.

Incomplete Protein:  One or more amino acids are found in plant products, but in this case, they are considered to be higher than the protein found in non-vegetarian food because they contain low fat, low cholesterol and a lot of dietary fiber. Whereas the protein from animals is high in cholesterol saturated protein. Excess intake of these can increase the risk of heart disease.              


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