Sunday, September 29, 2019

Success in the treatment of HIV

At present, 36.9 million people worldwide are affected by HIV and the number of people affected by HIV is increasing day by day. But now there is a new ray of hope in the treatment of HIV and AIDS.

Success in the treatment of HIV

40 million people were HIV positive worldwide in 2017  
More than 1.8 million people infected: According to a Reuters report, the virus has spread to more than 77 million people since the AIDS epidemic began in the 1980s. In 2017, approximately 40 million people worldwide were HIV positive. Global health experts say that the number of people dying from the virus is decreasing every year and the number of people taking antiretrovirus treatment is increasing. But still the number of people infected with HIV is still more than 1.8 million per year.


Scientists have a major breakthrough in the treatment of HIV considered an incurable disease. Scientists have discovered a 'kill switch', which will completely eliminate the reproduction of virus-infected cells that cause AIDS (ADS).
            This molecular switch can be controlled to destroy viruses lying dormant in cells. Scientists from all over the world were in search of it for decades. After this discovery, people living with HIV can now take medicines to eliminate the virus, but these are not treatments. Scientists at the University of California have made this discovery.

Experimentation done on human cells

In a laboratory test on human cells, scientists found that dormant HIV cells can be destroyed by controlling a particular molecule. The team of scientists says that he had been trying to find this switch for the last three decades. Scientists believe that the success achieved in the study will help to eliminate AIDS from the root.

Currently, therapy and medicine are the only support

currently, patients suffering from HIV take medicines for life. Antiretroviral therapy is used to suppress the virus, but treatment is yet to be found. After the therapy is stopped, the virus becomes infected again. Increases by leaps and bounds and increases the risk of infecting others or getting AIDS. According to the data, an estimated 36.9 million people worldwide are infected with HIV.

A ray of hope 

Dr. Tariq Rana, the lead researcher, says that this is an important switch in the discovery of HIV fields for the last three decades. The most interesting part of this discovery is that it has never happened before. Through this discovery, we now have a potential therapeutic target for the eradication of HIV and AIDS. Of course, there is a need to study more in one direction which is held by scientists.


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