Monday, September 30, 2019

Eating onion reduces the risk of breast cancer

According to a study, onion and garlic mines can reduce fatal disease like breast cancer.

Eating onion reduces the risk of breast cancer

Increasing Breast Cancer Outbreak: According to the study, one in eight women in the US and UK are at risk of breast cancer in their lives. Men can also get this disease. According to the report published in the journal Nutrition and Cancer, in the 1960s there were 18 cases of the disease per 100,000 women. But as the outbreak of the disease increased, in the 1990s, 50 cases of the disease were seen per 100,000. 


Research has shown that eating raw onion and garlic every day can reduce the risk of breast cancer for women.
     Scientists analyzed the eating habits of more than 600 women in Turkic Rikans, where the disease has increased rapidly in the last few decades. In it, they found that women who eat chutney made of onion and garlic more than once per day are 67% less likely to get breast cancer.

A great recipe to reduce the risk of breast cancer

Eating raw onion and garlic can be important. It can also be a recipe to reduce the risk of breast cancer. The study was conducted by Buffalo University and Puerto Rico University. This is the first study to reveal the relationship between onion and garlic intake and breast cancer, the researchers said. The study's lead author, Gauri Desai, said, "In the study, we found that in Puerto Rico women, simultaneous intake of onion and garlic was related to lower risk of breast cancer." He further added, the study found that women who consumed onion-garlic sauce more than once per day had a 67% lower risk of breast cancer than women who did not consume this sauce.

Eat plenty of raw onion-garlic 

Scientific evidence from previous studies has shown that onion and garlic mines can reduce breast cancer. Desai said that the women of Puerto Rico consume a lot of onion and garlic in the form of chutney. However, not only with chutney but also by consuming raw onion and garlic, the risk of breast cancer is reduced.
        Scientists have found that consuming onion and garlic in different forms do not have the same benefits. Chutney is made differently. But usually, it includes raw onion and garlic along with tomatoes, chilies, and coriander, so it gives some percentage benefit.


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