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5 Reasons For Frequent Fever

Do you and your children also have frequent fever ?? After all, what can be the reason for this ?? Is this a sign of cancer? Do not ignore it To know the reason, please click on the link given, thank you.

Why does fever go up again and again ??

5 Reasons For Frequent Fever


The number of patients with viral, chikungunya or dengue fever is quite long. Viral fever is quite common. Health can be right if you get the right treatment. But some fever climbs quickly. In this case, it is necessary to know the reason. According to Dr. SK Sharma, former Vice-Principal of Lady Hardinge Medical College, "Fever is the cause of infection." Some infections affect the temperature center of the brain by coming in contact with white blood cells. Fever means that the internal system of the body has been activated to fight the disturbances caused due to infection, due to which the temperature of the body starts to rise. Immunity to disease decreases. Usually, we consult the doctor on high fever, but mostly due to mild fever, we are negligent. Frequent high fever can be a sign of a major illness. In such a situation, visit Dr. instead of treatment with OTC medicines or home remedies. ''

Frequent fever and causes 

(1)  Seasonal Fever: This fever is caused by the food fed with 'Salmonella typhi bacteria'. There is also a possibility of periodic fever from the water contaminated by the feces and urine of the victim. It is also called Typhoid fever. If fever occurs for more than a week, then a typhoid test should be done. If there is no proper treatment, the problem may increase. Sudden high fever, body aches, weakness, head and stomach pain, low appetite, diarrhea in children, constipation in the elders, intestinal ulcers may be the problem if the disease increases. 

(2)  Arthritis Fever: It is an autoimmune disease. In this, the body's immune system starts attacking the healthy cells of its body. Joint stiffness, bar-2 fever, weight loss, loss of appetite, skin rashes are the main symptoms.

(3)  Lung problems: Lung related problems have increased due to increasing pollution. This disease progresses slowly, due to which many times the person is not even aware. Symptoms of onset cough, phlegm, chest pain, and fever usually occur.

(4) Cancer: In cancer, cells of any part of the body divide and grow uncontrollably. Symptoms are seen as the loss of weight, frequent fever, loss of appetite, pain in bones, cough or bleeding from the mouth, excessive sweating.

(5) Fever in AIDS: HIV virus first reduces the immunity of the body. Often the patient struggles with many types of diseases. High fever, loss of weight, tension, vomiting, diarrhea, red marks on the skin, pain in muscles and joints, changes in nails, etc. are symptoms every 3-4 days.

How to rescue ??
  1. Show to Dr. Do not eat antibiotics by yourself.
  2. If fever occurs, measure the fever with a thermometer at least three times a day. This will help Dr. in treatment.
  3. Cold spawning with normal water. The icy cold water shrinks the blood drains. Due to this, the temperature of the clothes does not get exchanged between the body and cold clothes and the fever does not come down fast. Squeeze the wet cloth and place it on the joint site of the throat, forehead, stomach, and thigh.
  4. Sometimes there is a pain in bones. Many people call it bone fever and continue to eat medicines. Get checked for any major illness. This can be a sign of TB and cancer of bones.
  5. If fever is not taken care of, it increases the risk of recurrence. Follow a healthy lifestyle. Take care of cleanliness.


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