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6 important vaccination for adults

Elders must also take these 6 vaccinations for their better health.

Elders also need vaccine supplements

6 important vaccination for adults


Vaccination at this age ?? ... This is the first reaction of most people to the vaccination at an older age. Suddenly any infection surrounds, which is not cured for a long time and Dr. 'advises that if we need any special vaccine, we start to wonder. Dr. Vivek Nangia, director of the Department of Pulmonology at Vasant Kunj Fortis Hospital, Delhi, says, "Not only patients but also the lack of vaccinations in the elders are lacking. Vaccines are usually administered in childhood. They are not needed after an age. like; Polio vaccine does not need to be given after the age of 5 years. However, tetanus and diphtheria vaccines can be administered anytime. Similarly, some vaccines are also required in adults suffering from serious diseases like kidney failure, asthma, AIDS, heart disease, cancer ... etc.

These vaccines are important

(1) Flu shots (Influenza)

The flu usually spreads through the air. It also spreads by coughing, talking and breathing. It spreads through the lungs, which causes cough, fever and body aches. Medicines benefit, but some have to be hospitalized. Many times in older people, the condition becomes serious.

When should we get Influenza: After 6 months of age, this vaccine can be administered anytime. Make it a point every year, because a new vaccine comes every year. It costs Rs (INR) 600-700.

Who needs: Children, old people, pregnant women, patients suffering from diabetes, heart disease or cancer, must take this vaccine.

(2) Tetanus

Its bacteria occur in dust or soil or atmosphere. Injuries spread through the body through dust and soil. This causes muscle pain and jaw cramps.

When to apply: This vaccine should be administered once every 10 years. It prevents tetanus infection. It is very cheap.
Who needs it: Everyone should get it installed. Especially if the nail is cut, get it done.

(3) Pneumonia (Pneumococcal Vaccine)

Numerous cases of pneumonia and meningitis occur every year. This infection is more common for people who have crossed 60 years of age. Its dose is given according to the disease.

When to get it: Between 19 and 65 it is necessary to have it installed.
Who Needs: Those who have passed the age of 65 should get it required. If you have lung disease, then get it done. Diabetes, liver, kidney problems, asthma, and heart patients are given its dose. It can be priced between 1100-1200.

(4) Chicken Fox

It is an infectious disease. This causes a skin rash. Itching begins. When severe, this infection can also reach the brain. If it is not vaccinated in childhood, then it can be administered later. Nowadays, the herpes vaccine is also used for this.

When to get it installed: It can be installed anytime. If it is administered within 72 hours of infection, it can be very effective.

Who needs: This vaccine is very important for everyone. Especially women thinking of children, those working in the healthcare sector are instructed. After the age of 40, there is a high probability of infection. It is usually given 2 doses. It can cost from 3500 to 6000 rupees.

(5) Hepatitis A-B

This causes more damage to the liver. Hepatitis-A, where it spreads through food or water, while Hepatitis-B enters the body through sex or blood. The infection of a pregnant woman can also happen to her children.

When to get it installed: It can be installed anytime. Two doses of Hepatitis-A are given at intervals of 6 to 18 months, while Hepatitis-B has three doses, usually applied at intervals of 6–6 months. Get antibodies test done after every 10 years and if necessary take booster dose with the advice of Dr.

(6) HPV

HPV is human papillomavirus is a sexually transmitted disease, the symptoms of which are usually not seen. Sometimes it is cured on its own, but in severe conditions, it can also pose a risk of cancer (especially cervical cancer). The HPV vaccine is effective in neutralizing the virus that causes throat cancer in men and cervical cancer in women. Its results are 100% successful.

When to get it: These hinges can take anywhere from 12 to 26 years of age. This should be done before a sexually active life. Although now FDI has given the age limit for this to 45 years, the right advice can only be obtained from Dr. Three doses are given. Their price can be between 3000 to 3500 rupees.

Who Needs: Every woman and man who needs to have sex needs this vaccine. This vaccine not only protects against STDs but also the risks of cancer.

Assumptions and truth...

Assumption: If we are healthy then why of vaccination ??

Truth: Every person's immunity decreases with age. Vaccines prevent many infections.

Assumption: is it better to protect naturally than getting vaccinated ??
Truth: In today's lifestyle, it is not easy to protect yourself from many infections. Infections can be avoided to a great extent by vaccines.

Assumption: Vaccines decrease immunity ??
Truth: Vaccines increase the ability of people to fight against diseases. The body can combat external infections easily.

Assumption: Once the vaccine is sufficient, regular or two to three doses are not necessary.
Truth: Since the virus effect changes every year, it is possible to avoid new effects of the virus by applying certain vaccines.

Assumption: There are minor diseases or infections, there is no need for vaccines.
Truth: Some infections can cause serious diseases. In addition to paralysis, blindness, severe brain diseases, some infections are fatal.


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