Saturday, November 9, 2019

Heart patent should not do this at all

Are you suffering from heart disease too ?? Coronary heart disease, abnormal heart rate, cardiac arrest, heart failure, congenital heart disease, ischemic heart disease, etc. are troubled by diseases and very worried. So start making changes in your routine from today or else you will have to pay a huge price.

Study: Loneliness dangerous for heart patients

Heart patent should not do this at all


A study has shown that the risk of death is higher in those who live alone. According to the study, heart patients who feel lonely are more likely to die within one year of discharge from the hospital.
          The study found that male patients had twice the risk of death compared to non-male patients. While the risk of death was double in female patients. While the risk of loneliness was almost three times higher for female patients.

Loneliness reduces the quality of life

According to the researchers, previous research suggests that loneliness and poor social relationships are related to the risk of developing and dying of "coronary artery disease". However, it is unclear whether other types of cardiovascular patients may also be affected by feeling alone. Also, feeling alone can have the same effect.
         To see this, the researchers examined the health outcomes in one year of patients suffering from coronary heart disease, abnormal heart rate, heart failure and other heart diseases during 2013–14. Of these, 70 percent were male, with an average age of 66 years. On discharge from the hospital, a questionnaire was prepared on their physical health, mental health, quality of life and levels of depression and anxiety. In addition, patients were asked about their health habits, smoking, and alcohol consumption. Along with this, they also got information about how often they take their prescribed medicines. Researchers used national data to find that people who felt lonely had a lower quality of life.

Poor lifestyle also has negative effects

A year later, researchers checked national registry data to see this. How has heart health and how many of them died? They found that loneliness was largely associated with physical health after one year had ended.
        The researchers said that although the findings are in line with previous research, that loneliness is linked to heart disease, neuroendocrine disease, and the immune system as well as trillions of lifestyles that negatively impact health.


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