Monday, November 11, 2019

Insomnia risk of a heart attack in people

Do you worry too much like others and because of this you get very little sleep, so be careful, because it can cause you a heart attack, know how ??

Insomnia risk of a heart attack in people

Insomnia risk of a heart attack in people


One in three people is suffering from sleeplessness worldwide. The risk of heart disease is 18 percent more, for those who do not sleep. 
             If you also have sleeplessness, then be careful, because you may be at greater risk of heart attacks and encephalitis. This has been revealed in recent research. Scientists conducted a study on half a million people. It has been found that the risk of heart attack and cerebral palsy in people suffering from sleep apnea was 20% higher than others.

Changes in physical systems

This research in China corroborates earlier research that establishes the link between sleep deprivation and poor health. According to the researchers, one in three people suffers from sleepiness and their physical functioning changes.

Sleep is an essential part of life so that people can feel refreshed and work every day. It also calms the immune system and the cardiovascular system. In addition, it gives time for the repair of all organs.

Behavioral therapy can treat

Research results suggest that if we treat people suffering from 'behavioral therapy', the research results can reduce the number of heart attacks, encephalitis, and other diseases. There is also a strong correlation between sleep and illness in youth. According to research from the University of Colorado, people who sleep only five hours a day have a 52% higher risk of a heart attack.

This is how the research was done

Experts believe that lack of sleep leads to an increase in blood pressure and also disrupts metabolism. Both these reasons lead to heart-related diseases. Chinese researchers monitored 5 million people for 10 years. The average age of all these participants was 51 years and there was no history of heart disease.
                Researchers get information about all these sleeping habits. During the research, 1,30,032 cases of stroke, stroke, and heart disease were reported. During this research, researchers also took into account factors such as alcohol intake, smoking, and inactivity.

The risk of diseases increases

Research findings have shown that the risk of these diseases was up to 18 percent higher among people suffering from sleeplessness. Those who used to get sleepy early in the morning and who could not sleep again, the risk of diseases was 7% higher. At the same time, among those who could not concentrate during the day work due to poor sleep, the risk of diseases was 13% higher.

E-Cigarettes are dangerous for the heart 

E-cigarettes have a bad effect on health, but people still consume it. A new study has found more evidence of its danger. According to the study, e-cigarettes damage the lungs as well as the heart and blood vessels. "Many people think these products are safe, but there are reasons to worry about their effect on heart health," said Lauren Wald, director of biomedical research at the Ohio State University College of Nursing and senior author of the study.


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