Sunday, December 15, 2019

Follow these 5 important tips to get rid of cough

If you are not able to remove the cough on your own, today I am going to tell you 5 essential ways that the cough will disappear from your body very soon.

These 5 home remedies give relief from phlegm


There will be no one in the house who has not had two to four problems of phlegm in winter. As the cold increases, the problem of phlegm, cold, etc. increases and some people take medicines by themselves to get relief from it. The drug stops cough, cough, but phlegm remains in the body. If the phlegm does not come out of the body, it can prove to be very dangerous for health. The phlegm sitting in the body weakens the body. It can cause blood loss and it can also cause difficulty in breathing. This may cause body pain. Not only this, but it also produces laziness and depression. If the phlegm in the body increases too much, the brain stops working. Excess of phlegm in the body can cause great harm to those who have problems with the skin or digestive system. So throw the cuff out.

Avoid cough in these 5 ways-

➭ Gargle by adding some salt to lukewarm water or gargle with tea water. Heat a glass of water, add tea leaves and add a little salt, let it cool down a bit. Then gargle with him. The cough will come out, body pain will also reduce and throat will also be clean.
Grind ginger a little, then add a little honey to it and drink it after sipping. By this, the mucus comes out of the body very fast.
If you have mucus and a lot of pain in your body, do a little work - dissolve a little turmeric in half a cup of water. If it is Aama Turmeric is even better. Then sip this water and drink it. Then see its benefit.
Usually do not remove phlegm. Take a towel like this. Soak the towels in salted water. Then squeeze it and see with your hand how hot it can be kept on the baby's skin. It should not be too fast. Throat and chest compress with this hot towel. This will remove his phlegm slowly.
Must eat carrots in winter. Eat carrots as a salad or take kheer or juice. This has a positive effect on the eyes. Drinking carrot soup removes phlegm and you will get agility and agility.


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