Thursday, December 26, 2019

Eating white Bread is Increasing Insomnia Problem

White bread eaters should be careful around the world! People who include white bread in their morning breakfast or in everyday life may have insomnia.

Beware: Eating white Bread is Increasing Insomnia 

Eating white Bread is Increasing Insomnia Problem
White Bread


Insomnia problem is increasing among elderly women who eat sweets and white bread. After studying the diet of 50 thousand women of 60 years of age, it was found that eating more processed grains and sugar reduces sleep and people can become insomnia.

Hormone production causes problems

According to New York scientists, by eating more sugar, the blood sugar levels in the body change so much that the body begins to produce a hormone that works to stay awake longer. According to scientists, the lack of sleep makes people desire to eat more because it causes hunger. The research found that 16% of women who had a sweeter and processed diet increased their risk of insomnia.
Columbia University psychologist and researcher Doctor Gangvist said that our research has shown that people who suffer from insomnia are to blame for their diet. In addition to preventing weight gain, people should avoid sweet and processed diets in their diet. However, this research has not revealed that white bread, cakes, pastries, and sweet pasta and processed carbohydrates disturb one's sleep, but Doctor Gangwist said that hormonal changes may be the cause. When blood sugar levels rise, your body reacts and releases insulin. Reduces and secrete hormones called adrenal and cortisol. Sleep can be disrupted by this hormone.

Foods with a low glycemic index should be consumed

Women involved in this research have passed menopause and the glycemic index in their diet was measured by researchers. This index measures one's blood sugar effects. The glycemic index of fat and protein-rich foods is lower than that of carbohydrates and sugar. Carbohydrates and sugar immediately increase blood sugar levels.

The important factor is the glycemic index

Researchers found that women who had the highest glycemic index in their diet had an insomnia problem 11% higher than other women. The risk of suffering from insomnia during the 3 years of his research was also more than 16%. The insomnia problem was very less among women whose diet had vegetables, fiber, whole fruits. Whole fruits also contain sugar, but the fiber present also reduces the increase in blood sugar levels. This lowers the glycemic index of these foods.