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Hair loss

Introduction of hair loss, Hair needs all these nutrients, The main causes of hair loss, Symptoms of hair loss, Types of hair loss, Treatment of hair loss, Myths related to hair loss.

Now you will get relief from hair loss soon.

Introduction of hair loss 

Until recently, baldness was considered a genetic problem. But today it has also become a lifestyle problem. Baldness is the reduction or gradual loss of hair. It is called 'Ellopia' in the medical language. According to experts, 20 to 25 hair loss is normal every day, but it is important to be careful when this number is 4 or more. In medical terms, the real cause of baldness is the change in our hormone testosterone, which leads to the formation of a new hormone dehydrosterone. There can be many other reasons for baldness.

Hair needs all these nutrients-

⤮ Vitamin-C is necessary: If there is a deficiency of vitamin C, then the health of the hair is bound to be affected. To overcome its deficiency, include citrus fruits and vegetables like Gooseberry, oranges, lemons, and tomatoes in the diet.

⤮ Take a protein diet: Foods like milk and cheese are essential for hair health. Protein deficiency causes hair to fall out, and become weak. In such a situation, eat grains, milk, cheese, fish, eggs, chicken, etc. to overcome protein deficiency.

⤮ Antioxidants and vitaminsEdible green leafy vegetables contain iron, copper, many antioxidants and vitamin-B, C and E in abundance. Apart from this, take vitamins B-3, B-5, B-9 in the diet. Add milk, almonds, spinach, oranges, soybeans, etc. to increase the amount of vitamin-E. Eating one banana daily makes hair stronger. It contains adequate amounts of vitamins A and B in the form of sugar, fiber, thymine, niacin and folic acid. Apart from this, eat vegetables like carrot and beet during winter. For zinc, barley and egg yolks, milk products, and magnesium eat pears, cashews, milk, and bananas.

The main causes of hair loss-

 Growing Old: With increasing age, the body's resistance starts decreasing. Due to this, the person becomes a victim of 'alopecia areata' many times. This problem starts due to a crease in body resistance. In this, hair falls from different places in the head, not from one place.

⤮ Changes in hormones: Hormonal changes can also cause hair loss and fall. This problem can occur at any age. 10 Even at a young age of ten years, changes in hormones can cause the child to suffer from hair loss. In women, especially during the delivery, the changes in hormones cause a lot of hair loss.

⤮ Due to some disease: Often the stress caused by some serious illness and the drugs consumed during that time also affect the hair. In many people, it affects the quality of hair, while in some, hair starts falling fast. This condition is called 'telogen effluvium', it is directly related to hormones. Typhoid or many other fevers also affects the hair and hair starts falling fast.

⤮ Tension: Stress is the main cause of hair loss in youth. Due to this, not only young but also children are getting white hair, hair fall, and baldness. Many problems in stress hair, such as; Alopecia areata, telogen effluvium, and trichotillomania are the major causes of stress, as our whole hormone system deteriorates.

⤮ Heredity:  The direct cause of baldness also comes in the form of heredity. If the parents or any other person in the family has a problem of hair loss or baldness, then you also fall victim to it. In genetic cases, the hair on the front of the head tends to be shorter.

⤮ Nutritional Deficiencies: Lack of protein, vitamins, and minerals in the body also affects the hair. Nutritious food is essential hormones of the body, such as; Maintains large amounts of  DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). Hair loss is certain to happen in the absence of it.

Symptoms of hair loss-

 Among Men: Baldness problems in men are usually due to genetic reasons. It can start at any age. In the beginning, most of the hair starts to fall from the front and then gradually decreases from the upper part. 

 Among Women:  Like men, women also suffer from baldness, but this process is slow in them. The problems of baldness in women are different and less than in men. The only symptom of baldness in women may be that the width in their hairline is increasing. However, it is rare for women to leave their hair completely.

Types of hair loss-

 Telogen Effluvium: This is a type of temporary hair loss. It causes a lot of hair to fall at the same time.

 Androgenetic AlopeciaIt is a genetic type of hair fall. It is seen in both men and women. This problem can start at the age of 20 years. Hairline starts to decrease in this. In this, the hairs remain as a bandage on the back and sides of the men's head.

 Alopecia AreataThis problem arises in the form of baldness in the small part of the head. It is an autoimmune condition in which white blood cells (WBCs) attack and destroy hair follicles. It causes patches of baldness to fall from the hair.

 Scrolling Aloepicia: This condition usually occurs when the hair follicles are destroyed. Often this problem arises due to some kind of infection, disease or excessive use of medicines.

➲ Traction Alopecia: This is due to the hair being pulled in the same manner for a long time, like keeping a hairstyle or braid in a special way. But after changing the hairstyle, that is, after finishing the hair stretch, hair fall stops in it.

Treatment of hair loss-

⭄ Medications: Some medicines are also effective to prevent hair fall. Many times hair loss is reduced by the supply of iron supplements.

⭄ Hair Transplant: If hair begins to fall more than a Sima and baldness appears on the front or top of the head, then the hair transplant plan is adopted. In this, hair from another part of the body is installed on the baldness. In most cases, these hairs are taken from the back of the body. It is said that it causes small marks on the body and there is a possibility of infection. This process is also very long and expensive. This technique helps to make the hair thick and the hair is re-developed in the areas where the follicles are still alive. The condition of the scalp also improves.

⭄ Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP): In this therapy, the treatment is done with the help of surgery from the platelets of the body itself, so that the skin is not at risk of infection and hair starts growing.

⭄ Mesotherapy: During this therapy, the scalp's skin is injected with vitamins and protein via a needle. By this, hair follicles are repaired and tried to grow hair again.

⭄ Wig and Hairpiece: When a person becomes completely bald, there is only a remedy for wig and hairpiece. In this, perfectly real looking hair is prepared for her, which is similar to her look and natural hair.

Myths related to hair loss-

⭄ Wearing a hat breaks hair: There is no damage to the hair and head skin from any kind of hat or hat. Oxygen is not required to keep the hair beautiful and healthy.

⭄ More shampoos cause hair loss: Excessive use of shampoo also has no relation with hair breakage and loss. Hair often breaks during washing, this is a normal process. It is definitely necessary to apply good quality shampoos.

⭄ Hair breaks by keeping it open: It is said that women with open hair have more hair breakage. Creating different styling from hair is also responsible for hair breakage. While these are not true. Usually, hair breaks due to not taking proper care of the hair.


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