Friday, December 6, 2019

Research: New drug will remove kidney stones very easily

To eliminate kidney stones very easily, doctors have created a medicine that will reduce the considerable pain caused by the stones coming out of the ureter.

The new drug will remove kidney stones easily

Research: New drug will remove kidney stones very easily


New medicine has been prepared for those suffering from kidney stones, which will make it easier to get the stones out through urine. The stone is very painful to pass through urine. To overcome this pain and discomfort, a new medicine has been created which slightly dilates the urethra and urethra, which will reduce the pain. 

Medication is given in the urinary tract-

Researcher Dr. Chima said that there is swelling in the thin ureter during the discharge of stones from the kidney and this causes great pain to the patient. The medicine made by them is given directly into the ureter so that the tube can be widened. The researcher successfully tested this drug on pigs.

The process of removing stones is painful-

Every year in the US, about 5 lakh people complain of kidney stones. For this treatment, painkillers are given and waiting for the stones to come out of the urine. This process is very painful and takes about 10 days.
              Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have designed a mixture of 2 drugs that loosen the ureter. This tube connects the kidney to the bladder. By widening the ureter, the stone gives more room to exit. This drug has been tested on animals. In the last 40 years, no treatment for kidney stones has been developed. In such a situation, this drug can prove to be a boon for kidney patients.
               Principal researcher Michael Cheema said, "We hope that this drug will completely cure kidney stone disease." Millions of people worldwide suffer from this disease.

How kidney stones are made-

Kidney stones are hard, which accumulate in the kidney. This stone is formed when there is not enough water in the urine. Surgery is recommended in case of large stones, but such cases are rare. Most patients are given pain-relieving drugs and then wait for 10 days for the stones to break out.


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