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Diseases of short length

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Kidney disease cases are increasing in children. Nephrologist Dr. Vijay Prakash Singh said that if the child is not growing tall, his legs are crooked while walking or if the bone is broken, then be alert. It is a symptom of kidney disease. He said that every tenth kidney patient is a child. Between 2 and 6 years of age, the victims of this disease are the most. The kidney does not function properly due to this disease. Protein and calcium are released in greater quantity with urine. In this case, the bones become weak. Body aches. Not only this, but the length of the child also starts to be less than the average. Face and body become swollen. Stomach swells and less urine. Due to UTI and obesity, nephrologist Dr. Anand Banka told that the infection in the path of urine is a common disease. It is more in women. If there is more infection in the path of urine. So it can also worsen the kidney.

Ongoing dialysis of 30 innocent 

30 innocent people of metropolis suffer from chronic kidney disease. Their dialysis is going on at different centers. A maximum of 7 innocent people is dialyzed in Savitri Hospital. Apart from these, innocent dialysis is going on at BRD, District Hospital and 3 private hospitals.

Consumption of cigarettes and alcohol worsens the kidneys 

Homeopathic expert Dr. Roop Kumar Banerjee said that cigarette and alcohol consumption has a direct effect on the kidneys. This slows down the flow of blood in the kidney. When less blood reaches the kidney, it does not work properly. It also increases the risk of kidney cancer by up to 50%.

These are the symptoms of the disease                          

  • When the kidney becomes bad, many harmful substances start accumulating in the body, due to which swelling starts on the hands and feet and the color of urine starts to thicken.
  • If there is pain on the left side of the stomach and if it becomes unbearable then do not ignore it.
  • Bleeding or burning sensation while urinating, sudden urination.
  • Fatigue is common throughout the day, but if weakness and tiredness start to happen, then these are symptoms of kidney failure.

How to measure

  • According to a kidney specialist, Dr. Ravi Bansal, obesity, smoking and other drug abuse is the major cause of kidney disease. Stay away from it
  •   According to Dr. Garima Agarwal of Max Hospital, avoid excessive salt intake. Excess salt increases blood pressure and after this, the kidneys gradually stop functioning.
  • Keep weight under control and avoid diabetes.

These are myths

Kidney disease is not caused by drinking too much water- this is not right. Two to four liters of water should be drunk daily. This affects kidney function by drinking more water or work.

Kidney disease is incurable- it is wrong. Kidney infections, stones, kidney TB and cancer are treated. Nephrotic syndrome is also treated.

Inflammation is the body that means kidney disease- inflammation in the body can also be caused by many diseases. One of these diseases is also kidney disease. Kidney disease doesn't need to be the cause of every inflammation.
Beer or alcohol consumption is beneficial- it is completely wrong. Beer intake increases the possibility of uric. It also affects other organs of the body.                     

10 unique ways to keep your skin healthy in skin

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10 unique ways to keep your skin healthy in skin

10 unique ways to keep your skin healthy in skin


The month of January is the winter season of winter. Many people lose their lives because of this. People are unable to do anything because they do not know anything about avoiding cold, but now you do not worry, now you will know how you can save yourself in the cold. There are many ways through which you can know how you can protect yourself from cold. I am going to tell you here 10 ways, due to which you can protect yourself from cold. Let's see what are the 10 ways that you can protect yourself from the cold-

(1) Eat more spices- Many spices enhance the taste of our vegetables. If we want to be healthy in cold, then use spices more. Ginger and turmeric have powerful ignition properties. These are beneficial for our cardiovascular. It is very useful to keep our vessels fixed. It does not allow blood clots to form. Garlic keeps blood thing.

(2) Let's go wandering- If we keep walking, we cannot suffer from the disease caused by cold. In the TV program, as soon as there is a break, walk in the room. It is prudent to maintain the temperature required by the body. In addition to walking, doing light-weight exercise every now and then will keep you healthy in the cold.
    (3) Take supplements- With the advice of experts, you can buy some supplements to keep your blood circulation intact. They contain herbs that can produce heat in the body.
      (4) Loose clothes required- Due to excessive cold, blood vessel gets blocked for some time. Such fingers of the hands and feet get stiff. This keeps the fingers white for several hours. Apart from this, calcium medicine is taken. Also, it is better if you wear loose clothes.
        (5) Thicker socks are better- In cold weather, more girls and women make the mistake of wearing thinner shoes and lighter socks but they should be cautious because their blood circulation is not normal as it is why they are wearing coarse wool socks or heat. Cultivators should be worn.
          (6) Drink the right amount of water- If there is no thirst in cold winter, people drink less water too. But for better blood circulation we should drink a sufficient amount of water. Two liters for women and two and a half liters for men is very important.
            (7) Avoid bad fat- In the cold people say more, especially foods that increase obesity. You should protect yourself in this way because it can cause blood vessels to become active.

            (8) Do not touch yourself again and again- if you do not have sterile surgical gloves in your winter clothes, avoid touching your eyes and nose again and again because doing this, again and again, is 41% likely to cause respiratory problems. Huh.
              (9) Focus- Washington University studies say that if you want full health in the cold, then concentrate. This will reduce your stress, reduce the risk of infection.
                (10) Green tea, the wonder of honey- Research has proved that to avoid the disease from cold, to avoid green coffee, taking green lee is beneficial. Green tea contains a magical ingredient that prevents the influenza virus. Similarly, if you consume honey with dry grapes, there can be an 85% reduction in bacteria.

                Too much protein is dangerous for your health

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                Too much protein is dangerous

                Too much protein is dangerous
                Too much protein is dangerous

                Senior CMO Orthopedics G.R. According to B. Kohli, there is a direct correlation between protein intake and bone health. If you consume a small amount of protein, then the absorption of calcium in the body will be affected and the bones will also be affected and weak. Taking a high protein diet for a long time, irrespective of age affects bones negatively. Proteins derived from plants and plants are considered more above for the health of bones. By consuming these, animals absorb calcium better than protein. However, after menopause, women must pay attention to the proper intake of protein to avoid osteoporosis.
                             Fitness coach and nutrition expert Sonia Bajaj say that protein-rich supplements are not the enemy of health. This is very useful for vegetarian people or those who exercise a lot or are more active in sports. Steroid-rich protein supplements definitely harm health. Kidney and liver function are greatly affected, there are wrinkles on the skin.

                Modern research related to protein
                • According to research conducted in 2007, those taking a low cholesterol diet should avoid egg intake. Excess egg intake may increase the risk of type diabetes.
                • 6381 adult studies were conducted at the University of California, Los Angeles. Several categories were made based on the amount of protein consumed in it. High protein (more than 21% calorie protein), medium protein (11 to 19 %) and low protein (less than 10 %) or people over 65 % years of age who consume high amounts of protein include diabetes and The risk of death from cancer increases. At the same time, this fear is less seen in those who consume protein in medium grade.
                • As age increases, the protein requirement of the body decreases. Protein activates the Ig-F1 hormone in the body, which is responsible for the growth of tissue in the body. In this case, more protein pressures the body to grow.

                How useful is protein for us

                How useful is protein for us

                There is hardly any doubt that protein is necessary for the development of the body. There are more than 1000 proteins found in our bodies. Keeping in mind the need of the body, only taking a high diet for a long time causes harm to the body. Protein is very important for the body. 18-20% of our body weight is protein.

                Protein strengthens muscle and immune system. Protein, heart and lung tissue are healthy.

                Protein is considered one of the most important micronutrients for the body. Protein diet is considered helpful in reducing weight. Protein takes longer to digest, which makes it feel stomach full for longer. Reducing the amount of protein in food helps in weight loss.

                Protein is necessary for the body to function smoothly. The toxin is released from the body. It maintains the pH level of the body. Protein also improves mood. Reduces stress levels.

                Protein types-

                There are 2 types of this

                (1) Whole protein

                (2) Incomplete protein
                Whole ProteinWhich contains all the essential amino acids. Proteins from animals come in this category. The protein found in the body is similar to this. The body uses them more intensely. Eggs are considered the best source of protein.

                Incomplete Protein:  One or more amino acids are found in plant products, but in this case, they are considered to be higher than the protein found in non-vegetarian food because they contain low fat, low cholesterol and a lot of dietary fiber. Whereas the protein from animals is high in cholesterol saturated protein. Excess intake of these can increase the risk of heart disease.              

                Fast Food could be dangerous before bed

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                Do not eat this before sleeping?
                Fast Food could be dangerous before bed


                Dinner affects both our sleep and health. So it is good to avoid some things before sleeping at night.

                Pasta and Pizza: Pasta contains a significant amount of carbohydrates. A lot of ghee-oil is used to make it. If you eat pasta at night, it can make you fat by turning it into fat after sleeping. Pizza, like pasta, can also damage the digestive system by creating acidity.

                Sweets: According to research, the quantity of carbohydrates increases by eating sweet substances before bedtime. It affects brain waves, which increases the risk of having nightmares at bedtime.

                Moss-Fish: Non-fat eats should also not be taken for dinner. It is a store of base protein and iron, but if you include it in dinner, you will not be able to sleep comfortably.

                Dark Chocolate: Experts consider chocolate beneficial to the brain and memory, but it is a high-calorie food. The caffeine and other stimulants present in it can affect sleep.

                Some Special Vegetables: After eating vegetables like onion, cabbage, broccoli, problems such as flatulence and sleepiness can occur in the state of sleep.

                Alcohol: Consuming alcohol before going to bed at night reduces your sleep significantly compared to normal days. You are not able to sleep like this and wake up again and again.

                Vitamins and 18 Sources of vitamins

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                True if I try vegetarian

                Vitamins and 18 Sources of vitamins


                Being a vegetarian can also take care of health. For this, it is necessary to regularly consume enough fruits and vegetables. It is often recommended to eat meat, fish, and eggs to make health. The reason for this is that non-vegetarian food is also considered to be a good source of vitamins, iron, and protein, but if you are a vegetarian and are worried about what will happen to your health, then you need to pay attention to your health. But vegetarian food also has many options, which give the same nutrients as non-vegetarian.

                (1) Vitamin B12 (milk, curd, cheese, etc.)

                It is a very beneficial element for the body. It is effective in making new cells in the blood. It also fixes our nervous system. It is beneficial for growing children. If this vitamin is not given sufficiently to the body, then problems like anemia can be revealed. This vitamin is found in high amounts in non-vegetarian food, but it also has vegetarian sources. Milk, yogurt, cheese are also excellent sources of vitamin B12. Vasa is also found in abundance in them. You can also eat red chilies, lemon salad, green leafy vegetables, etc. for calcium, vitamin-C, and iron.

                (2) Iron (wheat, rice)

                Iron is an essential mineral for health. If it is deficient in the body, it can cause problems like weakening of memory, loss of concentration. To meet iron deficiency, whole wheat flour like leafy vegetables like wheat, rice, floury vegetables, dry fruits can be served.

                (3) Zinc (green leguminous vegetables, whole grains such as beans, chickpeas, etc. and dry fruits)

                Zinc is very important for the development of the body. Zinc helps in balancing the hormones in the body, making the skin healthy, protecting the body from infection and enhancing the body's immunity. Its deficiency reduces the immunity of the body. The body quickly becomes tired. Hair loss and diarrhea etc. also occur. Green leguminous vegetables, whole grains like kidney beans, chickpeas, etc. and dry fruits are also a rich source of zinc.

                (4) Calcium (milk and dairy products, green leafy vegetables, and dry fruits and seeds, intake of dried fruits)

                It is the most important mineral for the human body. It is very important for strengthening the bones and teeth of the body. Lack of this can also lead to the weakening of bones or osteoporosis. Consumption of milk and dairy products, green leafy vegetables, and dried fruits and seeds, dried fruits, make up this shortfall.

                (5) Protein (intake of soybean vegetables and fruits)

                Keeping in mind your vegetarian diet, you can eat soybean vegetables and fruits. Research and studies show that the amount of protein found in soybean is equal to the amount of non-vegetarian food.

                10 Unique Vitamins, Benefits and Sources

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                In the treasure of vitamins

                 10 Unique Vitamins, Benefits and Sources


                Vitamin A is a type of organic compound. Our body needs adequate amounts of vitamins to stay healthy. They cannot be produced by the body. It is necessary to take it as food. So this time, we know how many types of vitamins are there, which vitamins, what are the benefits to the body and what are their sources-

                (1) Vitamin-A

                • This vitamin is helpful in building bones and cells.
                • It helps in light of eyes.
                • Increasing age reduces the effect.
                • Increases immunity.
                The sources 
                Spinach, eggs, milk, papaya, cayenne, peaches, grains

                (2) Vitamin-D 

                • It makes bones strong.
                • Prevents the risk of cancer and depression.
                • It is helpful in reducing the symptoms of PMS in women.
                • It is helpful in preventing bone diseases.
                The sources
                Fish, milk, eggs, sunlight

                (3) Vitamin-E

                • Foods rich in vitamin-E are beneficial for healthy skin and hair.
                • It is helpful in repairing cells in the body of women and making new cells in old age.
                • It helps reduce the risk of heart disease.
                • Aids in the prevention of cataracts.
                The sources 
                Butter, Corn Oil, Almonds, Spinach

                (4) Vitamin-K 


                • It helps in reducing the wound of heart disease.
                • Builds bones strong.
                • It maintains the blood clotting process in the body.
                • It maintains immunity as well as provides energy to the body.
                The sources 
                Green leafy vegetables, soybean oil, fish oil, whole grains

                (5) Vitamin B-7

                • It helps in the formation of glucose and fatty acids.
                • It keeps the hair, skin and sweat glands healthy.
                • Keeps cholesterol levels normal. Necessary for the development of bones.
                • Keeps diseases like depression and anemia.
                The sources 
                Eggs, soybeans, oatmeal, cottage cheese, milk, yogurt, brown rice, yellow fruits, potatoes 

                (6) Vitamin B-9

                • It helps prevent heart diseases.
                • High blood reduces pressure.
                • It Helps in memory loss and cancer disease.
                • It helps in increasing fetal development and fertility.
                The sources
                Eggs, dark green leafy vegetables, melons, strawberries, legumes, oranges

                (7) Vitamin B-12

                • It increases the process of metabolism in the body.
                • It prevents the memory from becoming weak.
                • Maintains the body's system and mind.
                • It also works to make different types of proteins for all parts of the body.
                The sources
                Cheese, eggs, meat, fish, yogurt, milk

                (8) Vitamin B-3

                • It helps women look younger in their growing age.
                • It helps to keep the skin fresh in the age of women.
                • It helps in the prevention of various types of harmful bacteria, viruses.
                • It reduces triglycerides or fat in the blood.
                The sources 
                Mushrooms, Vegetables, Grains, Pulses, and Meat

                (9) Vitamin-C 

                • Promotes the growth of cells in the body.
                • Extremely helpful in reducing the risk of cancer.
                • Reduces the risk of heart diseases.
                • It plays a very important role in making blood cells.
                The sourcesGrapes, black pepper, oranges, tomatoes, strawberries

                (10) Vitamin B-6

                • It increases the body's immunity.
                • It is also essential to provide relief in the event of depression.
                • Enhances memory.
                • It helps in hormone production.
                • This vitamin is very important for pregnant women who develop anemia.
                The sources
                Meats, bananas, beans, oatmeal, seeds, whole grains, fish

                9 Unique Diets

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                Start taking these diets today for your healthy life 


                10 percent Indian days and 36 percent every week is called fried food. 56 percent of women are unable to eat fruits even once a week. Most of the snacks of Indians are fried, such as samosa, dumplings, kachoris, etc.

                        Did anyone think that the diet prevalent during the time of world war or time will become a part of our plate too? Today, one of the three of us is going to the shelter of experts, apps, and websites in search of the right diet plan. So let us see what are the diet with the help of which you can give yourself a healthy life-

                (1) Ketogenic Diet

                Those consuming this type of diet have to reduce their intake of carbohydrates is carbs and increase their intake of fat. It may sound strange, but in nearly 20 studies, this diet has proved that this diet is very effective for weight loss. The goal of the keto diet is to keep the carbs low enough that the body goes into a ketosis state of metabolism (metabolism). In this state, the effect of insulin decreases in the body, releasing large amounts of fatty acids from its fat stores.

                Staple food: In this diet, healthy fatty foods like coconut, seeds, fish, olive oil, avocado, etc. are included prominently in the diet.

                (2) Mind Diet

                Mind means here, the Mediterranean dash intervention for neurogenic dele. This type of diet aims to reduce many of the declines in brain health, including dementia. This diet is effective in decreasing mental abilities with aging. It is actually a mixture of elements of Mediterranean and Dash.

                Staple foodThis includes whole grains, green leafy vegetables, fish, chicken, beans, nuts, olive oil, butter, cheese, cheese, etc.

                (3) Paleo Or Newman Paleolithic Diet 

                The Palio or Newman is based on the food items that were in the Paleolithic, ie, the whole Paleolithic era (from about 25 million years ago to 12 thousand years ago). It usually contains such food items, which used to be collected during the hunt of Adi humans. It is to be seen that this diet includes those foods which used to start before cultivation started.                                                              

                Staple foodThese include things like meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit tubers, seeds, herbs, healthy fat oil. Processed food, sugar, cold drinks, cereal, dairy products, and trans fats are not included in this diet.    


                (4) Dash Diet 

                This diet helps control high blood pressure. Sodium content is kept low in it and foods rich in elements such as potassium-calcium-magnesium, which reduce blood pressure, are included. Regular intake of this diet can control high blood pressure in only two weeks. It is also beneficial for people suffering from diseases like osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

                (5) Atkins Diet

                The purpose of this diet is to work and maintain weight, as well as to change your eating habits, under the Atkins diet plan, you have your weight loss by taking protein and fat. However, it has to be avoided in carbohydrates. By adopting it, there is constant high energy throughout the day.

                (6) Weight Watchers Diet

                It is one of the most popular diets in the world, famous international fame Oprah Winfree adopted this diet plan. This diet is based on a special 'smart point system'. In which the point value is determined based on the nutritional quality of everything. Because of that point value, the diet may be fixed more or less.

                (7) Low Glycemic Diet

                Bread Sugar Flakes Vegetables and Dairy Products carbohydrate Different are present. It is an important part of a healthy diet, but every carbohydrate affects the level of sugar in our blood in different ways. The Gasemic Index is a measure that scores foods based on their ability to affect the level of sugar in our blood. A low glycemic diet is a diet based on this. Every food has a 'GI rating'. Those adopting this diet need to try to include only foods with a GI rating in their diet, as they are easy to digest.

                Special principles related to a Low Glycemic Diet
                • Fruit like bananas, mangoes, and papayas have low GI weight gain, they have poor eating benefits. Eat plenty of protein-rich foods.
                • Eat three meals a day, take a snack once or twice. Do not leave your breakfast in the morning. Eat slowly and stop eating as soon as you fill your stomach.

                (8) The Zone Diet

                This diet is developed to reduce inflammation of the body. Dr. Barry Sears, who developed it, says, 'Inflammation is a major cause of weight gain and early aging. Susan also gives a glow to many diseases, many diseases can be found as soon as inflammation is reduced. 'This diet has a provision of having 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fat. It is also called a very flexible diet plan.

                (9) South Seed Diet

                This diet is twenty 10 years old. The Southern Seaside Diet was started by Dr. Arthur Agatstone, an American cardiologist, and nutritionist Mary Alman. It is based on the control of the insulin star. It consists of three stages - two to reduce weight and one to maintain the reduced weight. This includes fishy eggs, various dairy products, chicken whole grains, and nuts. This diet is effective in keeping the heart healthy and helps in weight loss without hunger.

                There are also some misconceptions

                • Having 'No Fat' or 'Low Fat' written on the label of a food product does not mean that you eat it in any amount and you will not gain weight. In fact, such labeled products often contain extra sugar, starch or salt, they increase calories.
                • Many people think that if a person is fat, it is definitely a healthy bad condition. But in reality, there are many such people, also blood sugar and cholesterol levels are normal. While the blood level of a lean person can get messed up
                • It is also a misconception that being hungry makes one lose weight. The reality is that when you are hungry for a long time, you feel fast hungry, then eating more food increases your weight more quickly.

                Allergy Symptoms

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                  Are you troubled by these symptoms?
                • Rashes on the body
                • Urticaria
                • Stomach ache
                • Swelling of face, lips, eyes 
                • Nausea and diarrhea
                • Have a cold
                • Swagger
                • Have trouble breathing
                • Nasal congestion
                • Swelling and burning sensation in the lungs
                • Pharyngitis
                • Sneezing

                (These symptoms can be of Allergy)

                What is the allergy-

                Allergy Symptoms

                Every man, whether he is a woman or a man, has given special strength to bear the external elements. Yet many times such elements that cause side effects on the human body and try to reach inside the body, then the internal elements of the body come into the movement and prevent the effect of those inverted elements in the body. This is what causes such a process to cause allergic reactions.

                What are the reasons that cause allergies-

                Allergies can be caused due to many reasons such as trees, plants, dust, soil, pets, medicines, and food items, etc. while traveling in our daily life.
                1. Different members of a family, women, men, children or old people may be allergic to various things.
                2. Some may be touched by flowers.
                3. Consumption of milk, yogurt, meat, fish can also cause allergic reactions.
                Many types of allergies can be treated with medicines. On examining the blood, it is found out what kind of allergy is, and it is possible to treat the allergy by giving medicines.
                  Come, know how to get relief from allergies-

                  For example, if a working person is perfectly fine in his house but as soon as he starts sneezing after reaching the office every day, then, in that case, that person is in trouble, but he has problems with his colleagues. She goes. In such a situation, the inferiority complex develops in that person. While he is helpless on this disease, his colleagues find an excuse to tighten his tensions. Such a person should get his blood tested soon to avoid these diseases, in which the cause of his allergy can be ascertained and his treatment done.

                  8-Unique Summer Fruits

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                           This is the right time to eat these fruits

                  8-Unique Summer Fruits


                  Consuming seasonal fruits and vegetables has a magic effect on health. Not only is the heat relieved, but the body also gets nutritious elements. The good thing is that the pockets do not have to be loose for these fruits which are easy in summer. During last summer, the energy intensity of the body is reduced very fast due to lack of energy in the body, the risk of dehydration increases. Eating more roast and spicy causes acidity and irritation. According to dietician Pooja Sharma, 'Summer molten fruits such as melon, watermelon, coconut water, mango, etc. work effectively to avoid summer. Along with antioxidants and vitamins, they are rich in juice and fiber, which benefits overall health. '
                  Main Fruit-  Coconut Water, Watermelon, Melon, Mulberry, Phalsa, Mango, Lychee, Peach

                  (1) Coconut Water

                  Narial water is 99 percent fat-free. Coconut water maintains the balance of electrolyte in the body, there is no dehydration. It also contains low sugar. It cools the body, as well as magnesium and oxygen. Diabetic patients can also take it, it increases blood flow and relaxes the kidney stones. On the empty stomach in the morning its intake provides relief in acidity.

                  (2) Watermelon-

                  Watermelon is sweet and succulent. It contains about 92 percent water. It contains plenty of magnesium and potassium. Watermelon contains citrulline which helps in working body fat. This fat makes actually weakens the cells. Due to the high fiber and juice, people who want to lose weight are advised to eat it. It contains lycopene, which is good for heart and bones, and regular intake of it keeps blood circulation good.

                  Keep in mind: Do not drink water immediately after eating watermelon. It is better to eat watermelon in the morning and in the afternoon. In this, the body gets enough water. Diabetes victims should eat less watermelon. Drinking watermelon juice should be avoided.

                  (3) Muskmelon-

                  Melon is a very tasty and cooling fruit, it is rich in juices as well as contains Vitamin A and Bita Carotene, which is good for eyes. It contains plenty of potassium, which keeps the blood pressure fine. It does not contain fat at all. Along with losing weight, the benefits for diabetic patients are also dim. This benefits in insomnia problem.

                  (4) Mulberry-

                  Mulberry appears in April to May. This fruit is small but sweet and tasty. There are many benefits of mulberry in Ayurveda. Consumption of mulberry in summer reduces the risk of heatstroke. Mulberry contains plenty of potassium, vitamin A and phosphorus. Mulberry helps to improve the immune system. It keeps the immune system fine and also contains vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system, contains more fiber and prevents the symptoms of aging.

                  (5) Phalsa-

                  Falsa prevents heat stroke. Keeps blood clean. Phalsa is rich in mineral salts, it is beneficial in sudden fever. The body gets instant energy with the help of phalsa. It provides relief in symptoms like vomiting and nervousness.

                  (6) Mango-

                  The antioxidants present in mangoes protect against diseases like colon cancer, leukemia, and prostate cancer. Mango is rich in vitamin A, fiber and vitamin C. It has dim benefits for the heart. Due to high vitamin C, infection is also prevented. Mango contains enzymes that break down proteins. Due to this, the food is digested quickly, the fiber surrounding the mango seed has the benefits of reducing body fat. The glutamine acid present in mango helps increase memory.

                  (7) Lychee-

                  Lychee is rich in vitamin-C. Also, it contains copper, phosphorus. Sodium content is low. Many vitamins in the vitamin-B category are available from it. It is also rich in fiber. Litchi also provides immunity with cooling. The presence of polygonal and lightening A-2 elements makes it rich in antiviral properties. It is also effective in preventing untimely aging.

                  (8) Peach-

                  The benefits of peach in kidney and urinary tract diseases are low. Feeling peachy makes one feel full, which does not cause hunger quickly. Water and fiber are also rich. The benefits of the peach liver are also low. The compound found in it gives relief in phenolic cancer and liver diseases. The antioxidants present in it are beneficial for the brain.