Friday, August 16, 2019

4 genuine way to be happy

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4 genuine way to be happy

how to be happy


Friends, many of you are always depressed and try to be happy but are not able to be, but no one is going to tell you today how to be happy. If you apply the below-given topics in your life, then it will definitely change your life completely. So let's see what the 4 ways that applying in your life will make your life happy are...

1- Satisfaction 

Dude, the first step to be happy is that you will have to be fully satisfied which you have because satisfaction is the key to a happy life. Satisfaction is the root of your happiness. If you think that you will have a lot of money, then you will be happy, dude, I do not say that you will not live, you will stay but for a short time. All this is a temporary solution. The permanent solution is that you have to be satisfied that what you have is why it should not be a little because if you get attention towards those things which you do not have, then you will be sad and as soon as your attention goes towards those things. Whatever you have, you will be happy. So if you want to be happy, then you have to be satisfied or stay with those which you have.

2- According to the research of Oxford University

You must have heard about Oxford University and have also heard that there is some research going on. So he did research that "WHO IS HAPPY?" "So what did they do that selected 60-70 such children who were born immediately and they started tracking those children, keeping an eye on each of their activities." As 2 children grew up, completed their study competition, completed graduation. He became his friend, became girlfriends, became boyfriends, and got engaged in his job. If you become a doctor, an engineer or a businessman, someone turns to government and someone turns to privet. When everyone died after 70 years, they finally found out "WHO IS HAPPY?" "And they were surprised to know that you will be as sure as you are because the questions they have been looking for for 70 years were found in a line and it was that" Those who have a good relationship are most happy. Are, and they are unhappy with anyone whose relationship is not good.

       That is why if you really want to be happy then you should keep a good relationship with everyone.

3- Try to connect with nature 

You go to the park daily from rutin and after walking for a while, sit down in a place and slowly take 2 long breaths, listen to the sounds of birds, their chirping. Listen to the air that passes through your ear, feel it. Look at people, lovingly. You know one more thing that you are not separate from others, you are the same because we all live on the same earth and because we live on earth, all things are interlinked, then we are also indirectly connected to each other. So would it be wrong to say that those whom we think are less than ourselves, in fact, we are not speaking to them but ourselves because we are not separate from others, we are one? 

  4- Say thank you   

If you think that you have to say thank you to anyone on the way, then it is not so, you tell yourself. You go to the park and sit in someplace, close your eyes lightly and take 2 long breaths.

say thank you to me always be with me

say thank you to your hand who always supported you, never leave you

say thank you to your leg who never let you fall

say thank you to your tongue who taught you to speak

say thank you to your eyes who always showed you the way

say thank you to your mind who controlled them all

say thank you to your dad

say thank you to your mom

       at last, say thank you, thank you and thank you with the smile.