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beti bachao beti padhao

Vip technique

Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

➤ The scheme was started by the Government of India on 22 January 2015 from Panipat (Haryana).

➤ The main objective of this scheme is to protect, empower girls and create awareness for welfare services for girls.

➤ The main goal of this scheme is to promote gender equality and raise the sex ratio.

➤ This scheme was started with an initial amount of 100 crores.

➤ Madhuri Dixit has been appointed as the brand ambassador of this campaign by the Government of India.

➤ Sakshi Malik has been appointed as the brand ambassador of this campaign by the Haryana government.

movierulz Website, Monthly Visiters, Earning??

Vip technique


movierulz Website, Monthly Visiters, Earning??


Friends, do you keep searching for films like New Tamil, Hollywood, Bollywood, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu like me every day and half of which are of no use and are of little use. But the website that I have brought for you today is no less than a panacea because when Ram Ji used to run an arrow, he had to be targeted, just like when you come to this website to download your favorite movie, then You will have to download. You will find many movies here in different languages ​​like; Hindi, English, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu. However, all these films are pirated, which are uploaded before the release of films, which is illegal. If seen, all these websites are the first choice of people to download movies but Movierulz ms, Movierulz pe, Movierulz Telugu, movierulz free, 123movierulz, movierulz Kannada, also figure in this list. If people talk, then at this time i.e. in 2019, 11,100,000 people register their presence on this website every month to download Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam films on this website every year and around the year 133,200,000 people. So you people can just guess how famous this website is. If seen, this website started its journey from 2011 and has reached today i.e. 2019. This website started its journey with 0 people and today it has reached 11,100,000 every month in 2019. If when we start any new work and if it does not produce good results, then we do not show interest in doing that work and we stop that work. Something similar happened with Movierulz. Initially, this website was not with any special people but this website did not give up and later in the month, crores became fans of this website.
             If you think that it is only MovieRulz from where we can download movies of Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam for free, then it is not that many websites provide you for free. From where you can download Tamil, Telugu accustomed movies for free such as tamilrockers is also a very big website from where you can download such movies for free. Not so that 11,100,000 every month on of only 9.14 million only thing MovieRulz here. From this, you can guess that there is a difference between land and sky between tamilrockers and movierulz.

MovieRulz 2019 Website Update (Latest New Movie Leaked)

  • Telugu 1st Rank Raju  (2019) HDRip 
  •  Killer (2019)
  •  Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (2019)
  •  The Lion King
  • Bharat (2019) 
  • Dear Comrade (2019)
  •  iSmart Shankar  
  • Godzilla: King of the monsters

However, this is not the first time that such films have been uploaded on such a website before the day of release. However, it follows the rules and laws. The government took concrete steps against it many times and even closed it, but every time it came out with a domain. Now its new name is 3Movierulz. This website is now known as 3Movierulz. It is not that the government has not done or attempted to do anything against it. The government shut it down many times but could not completely shut down such a huge Kannada film website Movierulz. The police have said in its statement that the closure of such a website is the hand of a deserving student because, in this modern time, a hawker hacker is leaving 4 streets and changing the domain is big for them. It does not matter. Although there are many punishable offenses for this, it is a pity that such a website could not be completely controlled. Whenever this website was closed, this website came to the fore in a few hours with a new name. The process of leaking films has been going on not only today but also since long ago. Now as soon as some movies are made and the date for the release of those films is fixed, the film will be released on this website. Are uploaded before the date of Now you tell me that if you are getting any movie before the release date, that too in HD to download, then will you wait for it and you will go to the cinema hall to see it later or will you already download it ?? This website has now gained the trust and support of millions of people. Just because of this it does not stop for a long time. If I do my thing then I think you should not download movies from this kind of website, because of this, every year, the government and the producers and directors who make films, lose crores and because of which its load We fall on the pockets of ordinary citizens.

 How to download a new HD movie?

 This website was launched in 2011, then perhaps the way to download movies from this website was a bit complicated. Times changed, things changed and this website was further developed. When this website was launched, the number of people on it was very less and if the number of people was very less, then there is no question of more downloads. If you have seen many such websites, then surely you will There are movies available, but there is no way to download them or there is no option to download it, but here it is not that you can get whatever movie you want. You can download it in just a few steps. If you think that you might have a problem with downloading the film here, then for your information, let me tell you that here you will not have to face any such problem. You will get your desired film with you in just a few steps. Yes, you have some advertisements here which may bother you but you do not need to worry about it. So let's see what those steps are, due to which you can download the film you want ...
1 - First you write 3movierulz in Google
2 - After writing, click on the first page you will see.
3 - With clicking, a new page will open in front of you.
4 - If the film you want is visible in front of you then it is okay if you do not see it, then you can click on search and find the film you want.
5 - After clicking, you will be asked to download the film in many quality such as 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p. Now you can make any movie you want in any quality that you want.

MovieRulz 2019- Download Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi Dubbed Movies Free

Free, free, free, you must have used free stuff during your lifetime. Talk about clothes (buy one and carry one) or something. Take 4 soaps, one soap-free, surf free, one muffin free, 5 kg sugar and 1 kg sugar-free. Dude, what is happening here, you will definitely get something free on every item of India and as you know, there is no shortage of free people in India. In the same way, people want to enjoy entertainment for free. People all over the world choose the film for entertainment and as you must know that the first choice of people to download free movies is 3movierulz from where you can upload any movie for free before the release date. Due to this, due to which the government and the producer-director of the film make a loss of crores, billions every year. Yes, I know that many of you must be wondering why Yar Sarkar does not do anything for this, meaning why not act against the films which are being uploaded on 3movierulz before the release date ?? The film which costs crores and billions to make, when released after making that film, people enjoy downloading their favorite movie from 3movierulz in the theater itself. One of the most popular websites in India, where people are seen in good quality at no charge and there is a huge loss for the producer and director, then why does the government not take any action against it or say why not stop it is ?? So, let me tell you about the information when the media companies complained about it, its main site was deleted, due to which a storm came in the fans of this website, that man, where should we download the movies for free? Movierulz is the only support to download movies in good quality for free or it would not be wrong to say that this website is the first choice of people. Soon, the team of this website launched another website in the name of 3movierulz in just a few hours. It also has the facility to download good movies as before. It is a bit difficult to completely close such a website because the number of people downloading movies from such websites is increasing day by day and is not taking the name of being less.
         Yes, I also know that you guys must be wondering what is this media company and why is it going so hard to get this kind of website removed. Why only its main site was removed from the Internet due to their complaint ?? So for your information let me tell you that media companies are a type of organization under which television, radio, publications, theme parks, internet, etc. come and as you know that all these free movie websites come inside the internet and It is also due to being inside the Internet that due to the complaint of media companies, such a big website was removed from the Internet and by launching a new name website in just a few hours. Given.

Why the movierulz website ban in India?

You must have known that the art of entertainment is not going on now but has been going on for decades. In the era of the first kings and emperors, entertainment was the only means of watching sports, riding elephants and horses, wrestling, dancing, fencing, etc. As the times change, the times change, the means of entertainment start increasing and the importance of entertainment means gradually diminishes even though it has not completely reduced it is still but not in the way Used to be earlier. Time, revenge and entertainment were replaced by melas, dramas, dolls, and dance. The times changed a bit and the means of entertainment started to become modern and the medium of entertainment was taken by television which had only one or two channels which the family members used to sit and watch together so that there were love and love in the family. Before that, there were only two channels in which the Ramayana was the main one, which was watched by all the family members together so that there were love and respect in the family. Because of the Ramayana, there was love in the first family as well as in the people. Earlier, respect was given to the elders and affection was given to the younger ones. Time changed and all the things shown on television became a business and the channels became more and now people started giving more importance to Shaktimaan and mother-in-law, except Bahu Ramayan. Like the Ramayana, it also ruled in the hearts of people for a long time. Entertainment became a way to earn a lot of money, in which making films became a wonderful way. Then films started being made, which would earn millions, crores. Then only films could be seen in theaters and later on television. Now the time has come for the 21st century where everything has become modern. Be it homes, roads, trains, trains, ships or 'movies'. These have all become modern. This is why if I say that all that was earlier is now modern and all the things which came into existence which were earlier only imaginable. Now, films were made on the next level, which would blow your senses, due to which people started growing interest in films and they started to speak. People started getting pockets to watch these films. Later, millions of people start connecting to the Internet in just a few seconds and today its number can be much bigger, which is more than 4.33 billion. Currently, 644 million websites are active on the Internet, of which the number of film websites is also no less. Today, people have started giving more importance to entertainment, of which films are at the top. Today, there are many websites on the Internet where you can download movies in good quality for free, and before the release of the film, 3movierulz of which you will know that you want any movie here. Be it in any language (Hindi, English, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam), you can easily download them for free in good quality. This website has millions of viewers for months, due to which crores of people of the month have stopped going to the theater and watching movies. When he stopped going, he stopped giving money, if he stopped giving money, then the producers and directors who made films started earning less. When their earnings started falling, they started paying less tax and when they started paying less, the government expenditure started to get affected and when the government expenditure started getting affected then the prices of similar items started increasing. When the prices of the goods started increasing, it caused a peep in the pockets of the people. Friend, you are watching this website has created havoc all over the world. This is a matter of only one website and you must be aware that there is no shortage of free websites on the Internet, their number is in crores. Dude, just one website has shaken the entire government and that's why this type of website is being closed in India. However, in many countries, such a website has been closed. On this website, you will not only watch movies, but you will get to watch web series, serials, etc. for free, due to which such a website is being closed.

MovieRulz New Website 2019 

Friends, the journey of this website started in 2011 and has come till today i.e. 2019. This journey was not easy. This website was started in 2011 when the number of people at that time was negligible if you do not know at this time when you will check right now with the help of keyword everywhere or google keyword planner, that is when you will write moviesrulz 2011 on Google Volume: 0 / mo will show that in 2011 only 0 people used to download files from this website. Then a year later, in 2012, 260 people started visiting this website every month and Kabir 3,120 people in the year. That is, this website became the only support of 260 people to download any film. In 2013, the time was better and every month the number of people increased to 390, that is, 390 people started visiting this website in a month and 4,680 people in a year. Things changed and thousands of people started visiting this website. Every year in the year 2014, 720 people started coming to this website in search of the film, i.e. 2014-15, the number of people on this website increased to 8,640. In 2015, the number of people on this website increased to 3,600 and in the year to 43,200. In the year 2016, 4,400 people start visiting this website every month and about 52,800 which is a very large number in a year. In the year 2017, 18,100 people start visiting this website every month i.e. around 2,17,200 people in the year. In the year 2018, 1,35,000 people start visiting this website every month i.e. around 1,620,000 people in the year. Now let's talk about the number that will blow your senses i.e. 2019. If we talk about 2019, then 11,100,000 people visit this website every month in 2019 and about 133,200,000 people in a year, which is the largest number of this website to date. If its list is made then it will be something like this -
Year      Month/People     One Year/People
2011                    0                       0
2012                260                3,120
2013                390                4,680
2014                720                8,640
2015             3,600              43,200
2016             4,400              52,800
2017           18,100           2,17,200
2018        1,35,000         16,20,000
2019    11,100,000     133,200,000

Why movierulz website is famous in India? 

As you may know, India is called a jugaad country and more than half of its work is done by jugaad. From jobs to schools, colleges or anything else, they do it only through jugaad and what to say about free things. Whether you want to eat or be told, the people of India will be ahead first. All of you who are reading this, and have thought that man is speaking too much and writing anything, just wait, I am not talking about you, I am talking about those people Let's do this. You guys just saw that 11,100,000 people on this website every month in 2019 and about 133,200,000 people in a year keep downloading movies from this website. Just look at these figures of the year carefully and guess that 133,200,000 people are free in a year. What makes this website special is its simple interface that has been given at the top and front because it is an old viewer or a new one should not have any problem. What makes this website special and most unique is its dark theme, which is not a problem for the people who download the film at night. You must have seen that many websites provide movies for free, but there are only a few who take care of their viewers. So for your information, let me tell you that if you have problems downloading your favorite movies, then here you can solve your problem through direct conversation. This website is very famous for downloading movies because this website is not known how many times it was removed from the internet but whenever removed, it takes a few hours to appear with a new domain and take care of everyone Rules over.

Why Pirated Movies Download Wrong ??

So let's take you to the world where people used to go to earn money. Earlier people used to become slaves to earn money, to work as laborers, to work in one's house, etc. Actions were done only and only to earn money. If some had money, he would teach his children so that he could make more money with money. As you know, once someone is summoned to earn money, he does not listen to anyone. In today's time, a fun way to earn money is to make films that collect millions. If we talk about films, then most of the films are made in Bollywood. Nowadays people have started earning millions of months even from the internet. If you make a website to earn money, someone does blogging and someone opens a YouTube channel. If you want to know anything, you can google. In today's time, you will find many websites on the Internet that provide you movies for free, but some provide you films in good quality for free even before the release date, of which this website is also a Huh. All these websites leaked the second copy of the original films before the date of the corridos as you just saw above.
                      Many of you must be wondering what are these pirated films? So for your information, let me tell you that if the original copy of the films is uploaded on any website before the day of release, then it is called pirated films. Man, think that the producers and directors make a film after spending crores of rupees and they think that people will see all these films in the theater and we will earn more and what people do not go to the theater from all these websites He sits at home for free and downloads the film in good quality, which is illegal to do. Many of you must have thought that man That will do free website means it must have been so far a loss as to how ?? So let's see what a free website can do. Dude, we leave everyone just talking about 3movierulz. This website was started in 2011 and now it has come up till 2019 i.e. it has been 9 years for this website and in these 9 years 135,149,640 people were present, ie these people did not go to see the movies, they worked from this website only Took it. So let's take a small example and see what a free website can do. Suppose there is a theater and there is a film and the theater is divided into 4 parts to watch the film, Silver 60 ₹, Gold 120 ₹, Diamond 300 ₹, Platinum 600 ₹.
the audience                    Silver movie
135,149,640(2011-19)    60 ₹ 
135,149,640 x 60 = 8,108,978,400

the audience                     Gold movie
135,149,640(2011-19)     120 

135,149,640 x 120 =  16,217,956,800 ₹ 
the audience                      Diamond movie
135,149,640(2011-19)      300 

135,149,640 x 300 =  40,544,892,000 ₹ 

the audience                      Platinum movie
135,149,640(2011-19)      600 

35,149,640 x 600 =  81,089,784,000 ₹ 

8,108,978,400+ 16,217,956,800+ 40,544,892,000+81,089,784,000 = 145,961,611,200 ₹ 

Now see what a free website of Sara's truth can do with your own eyes, and just how much a free website has hurt the filmmakers till 2011-19. You must be aware that there is no dearth of free websites on the Internet. This was just an example, and all of you must have known that in today's time, movie tickets are even more expensive. That is why we should never resort to any pirated film. This greatly reduces the government and ours.

Note- We do not support such websites in any way. Our job is just to alert you so that you can avoid all these Chooses.