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Cow's contribution to the country's economy

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Cow's contribution to the country's economy

Cow's contribution to the country's economy

➤ A large share of national income comes from livestock.
➤ Millions of Golan are obtained from cow urine i.e. insect control tribe.
➤ Animal husbandry can get 70 percent of the total power of the country.
➤ The value of only the measured manure made from cow dung of a bovine animal is 20 thousand rupees.
➤ Dynasty not only gives excellent milk, curd, buttermilk, butter, ghee but also gives cow urine based on medicinal and pest control as well as cow dung the source of good organic manure.
➤ Bulls are also obtained from the Indian bovine. Even today 70 percent of the agricultural work in the country is done by the bulls, bulls do more traffic than the Indian Railways.
➤ 32 Approximately 32 medicines are made from the urine and cow dung of the Indian bovine which is recognized by many state governments.
➤ Cultivation of India is dependent on our cow and cow farming is on Indian farming.
➤ cow urine contains copper that goes into the human body and turns into gold. Gold has antipyretic power.
➤16 types of useful minerals are found in cow dung.
➤ Filling cow dung in a horn of a dead animal and pressing it into the ground after some time, horn or molecule manure or pressing the body of a dead animal in the ground provides samadhi compost, then it is useful for many acres of land.
➤ Boil basil etc. in cow urine and mix it in several times water and make a good kit controller.
➤ The food of cow dung is the natural food of the earth, it increases the fertility of the soil.
➤ cow dung is a fertile food of the earth, due to this, the fertility power of the earth remains. This has been happening in India for thousands of years. The fertility of the earth has come down on the verge of becoming barren due to its use of pesticides.

State of the state in the field of animal husbandry and dairy

After agriculture, animal husbandry has special importance in the Indian economy. The situation in Uttar Pradesh is quite good in its case. Uttar Pradesh produces 796 lakh liters of milk per day. Of this, only 437 lakh liters of milk are marketable.

➥ 200 crore Kanha Gaushala destitute animal husbandry scheme

➥ 247.60 crores cow breeding and construction of cowshed
➥ For the construction of 104 crore veterinary hospitals
➥ 04 crore for Animal Services Center
➥ 04 crore mobile veterinary service
➥ 147.60 crore for the establishment of cow protection centers
➥ 07 crore National Animal Health and Disease Controller Program
➥ 50 lakh multipurpose mobile veterinary
➥ 825.89 crore dairy development project

 Milk unions, restructuring, expansion, animal breeding, and health programs-

➧ 56 crore to build a new dairy in Mathura
➧ 10 thousand units to be built under the Deen Dayal Small Dairy Scheme.
➧ 5 crore for various programs under milk policy

On average, a cow gives three-liter of milk daily

➭ On average, three to four and a half kilograms of milk is provided to cows and buffaloes in the state. The cows give milk at a rate of 2.59 kg per day and buffalo 4.4 kg per day.
➭ There are two crore cows and three crore buffaloes in the state.

Status of milk production and productivity in the state

 796 lakh liters of milk are produced daily in UP.
➭ 4 About 437 lakh liters is only sellable.
➭ 135 There is a demand of 135 lakh liters of milk daily in the urban areas of the state.
 Only 16 percent of it can complete the units organized in the form of packed milk.
➭ The remaining 83-84 percent portion is supplied by milk and local vendors in rural and urban areas.
➭ According to statistics, the average productivity of whole country milk is 4.76.