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Data Analytics Courses

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Data Analytics Courses

Data Analytics Courses
Data Analytics
The foundation of today's business success rests on the analysis of data. An in-depth study of this information reveals many esoteric details. There is a great demand for youth who specialize in this work. Therefore, this field is proving attractive in terms of career.

Introduction to data analytics

Due to the increasing scope and use of technology, business work has become very easy. The data used for the progress and success of any company is known in the blink of an eye. Through the use of this data, where we are reaching a conclusion in a short time, saving or analyzing them is not less of a challenge. Online shopping companies and major websites are writing a sign of progress only because of their data analysis. The expansion of e-commerce is also a result of this. This complex work is carried out under a special process, which is named 'Data Analytics'.

Golden is the 'future'-

Data is being used indiscriminately in many areas like banking, finance, insurance, artificial agency, cloud computing, IT, etc. Data analysts are using this data in their ability to expand the business or reach a supporting platform and on this, they are preparing new business plans. Bangalore is the largest hub of data analytics in India. Gradually, the demand for data analytics is increasing in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi NCR too.

Employment Prospects-

According to the Ministry of Information and Technology, at present, there is a demand of 2.5 lakh in the service sector, 25 thousand in startups, 26 thousand in IT sector, 92 thousand in foreign companies and 1.40 lakh data analytics in other sector companies. If professionals have taken the course seriously, they will not have to lose employment. These days social networking sites, online shopping websites, market research firms, consulting and analytics firms, NGOs, startups, and cloud computing companies are getting employment on a large scale. As the online market is expanding, the demand for professionals is increasing in the same proportion.

How to take 'step'-

All the courses related to Data Analytics are covered by technology and research. Most of the courses in this field are of PG Diploma or Master level. Their duration is from 6 months to 2 years. In such a case, students who have a Bachelor of Science or Engineering degree, they can take admission in Master and PG Diploma courses related to it. Preference is given to students of mathematics, statistics, computer science or accounting.

Some Major Courses-

(1) PG Certificate Program in Data Analytics
(2) Advanced Course in Big Data Analytics
(3) Executive Program in Business Analytics
(4) PGDM in Analytics Specialization
(5) Certificate in data analytics
(6) PG Program in Analytics

A plethora of online courses- 

In the online course, market research process, research method, and design, data collection process, tools are given prominence on these data analysis and data research.

Job Options-

(1)  Data Coordinator- These professionals have to search for the necessary information (data) to run any company smoothly. For this, they may have to spend long hours running or spending hours on the computer.

(2)  Data Architect- Their work is associated with securing data, designing them or making data policies. They are also responsible for logical data modeling or physical data modeling, data warehousing.

(3) Data Visualizer- They play an important role in detecting data trends and formulating data management strategies. Locating rich data sources is part of their functioning.

(4)  Data Manager- Along with entering the required data into the computer, they prepare an evaluation report based on it. For this, they have to become technically proficient.

(5)  Business Analytics- They reach a conclusion after studying the data related to a particular business closely. They mean business success. They also determine the budget for a project.

(6)  System Analytics- Their work is related to the maintenance of major equipment used in data analysis. They are equally aware of both hardware and software.

(7)  Business Intelligence Developer- It is very important for any company to solve the problems faced along with gathering data. Business Intelligence Developers protect the company from losses by taking the scheme under their control.


In this, the initial salary of a professional depends on their understanding of the work and the institution. Even then, in a reputed institution, 30-35 thousand per month are easily available. After two to three years of experience, it increases to 45-50 thousand rupees per month. Adequate salary is also available in teaching.

Challenges too no less

Nowadays the biggest problem facing companies is to know which technology is completely helpful in getting rid of new risks and problems. In such a situation, work is hampered by the lack of laggards and experts in data management. The inclusion of Big Data on an analytical platform proves to be a cradle for professionals. It is a big challenge to make a chart using data or reach a supporting conclusion.