Thursday, October 10, 2019

Saturn Planet numbers of moon

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Saturn has the highest moon, not Jupiter

Saturn Planet numbers of moon

17 Moon rotation in reverse direction- Of the 20 new moons found around Saturn, 17 are moving in the opposite direction to the motion of Saturn. They revolve around the planet Saturn in two to three years.


The crown of being the highest moon has been taken away from Jupiter Planet. New scientific research has found 20 more moons of Moon (Saturn Planet). With this, the number of Saturn's moon has reached 82, while Jupiter has only 79 moons.

            Astronomer Scott Sheppard of the Carnegie Institution for Science said that it is a startling discovery that now Saturn is the real king in the moon. Saturn Planet The new astral moons are less than 5 km in diameter. Shepard and his team have discovered these moons through an aerial position telescope. The discovery is confirmed by the International Astronomical Union's Minor Planet Center.

Can be 100 more moons

It is believed that Saturn may have 100 more subtle such moons. The discovery of these astral moons has taken a long time due to the distance of Saturn's Earth more than Jupiter Planet.

Largest moon near Jupiter Planet

Even though Saturn is the highest moon in the moon, but the title of the largest moon is still with Jupiter Planet. His Ganymede moon is about half the size of the Earth. There are 1.6 km diameter moons also near Jupiter Planet.

Baby Moon came out of the breaking of the big moon  

Astronomers have said that these microscopic moons have arisen due to the breakdown of a large moon.

Where how many moons ??

Mercury, Venus       100
Jupiter                       79
Uranus                      27
Neptune                    14
Pluto                         05
Mars                         02
Earth                         01