Saturday, October 12, 2019

What is the Condition of Women's in the India

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Women have to face discrimination at every step

What is the Condition of Women's in the India

Statistics show that even if women do work out of the house, they are expected to fulfill the responsibility of the house. There is more than expected in every field but there is discrimination in rights and remuneration.
➤ Female literacy rate in India is 65.46%, 82.46% among men
➤ 74.6% of women in higher education do not attend, the primary enrollment of girls is 100%.
➤ 23% of girls have to drop out of school every year, according to the World Economic Forum
➤ 48.5% of women are in the total population but only 27.4% of women are in the workforce of India, according to U.N.

As soon as they get out of the house, they start snatching

➤ 17% share in India's GDP while the global average is 37%.
➤ 53.9% of violence against women in India
➤ 40% of women are engaged in agriculture
➤ 80% of Indian women are away from the Internet, according to the IMF
➤ 90% of Indian women spend 90% of their income on family

➤ India ranks 95th in gender inequality among 129 countries India is the second-largest consumer of mobile subscribers. Here 82.90 crore people use mobile phones, but 17.4% of them have a sim card in the name of women.

Security situation worrisome 

➤ 106 rape women reported here daily, 2016
➤ Women suffer from the acid attack in 72% of cases
➤ According to the UN, India needs $ 700 billion by 2025 to bridge the gender inequality gap
➤ Women get 34% fewer wages than men.