Monday, October 14, 2019

Harmful effect of handshake

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It is dangerous to join hands for more than three seconds

Harmful effect of handshake


A handshake over three seconds promotes anxiety. Research has found that holding someone's hand for long periods damages relationships.

The study revealed

Researchers at the University of Dundee believe that very few people like to hold someone's hand for long periods. In one experiment, 36 people shook their hands for a long time, but they were told nothing about shaking hands.
     Those who shook hands for longer seemed less happy, laughing a lot less than they did when touching or rubbing their hands was a sign of anxiety. The study found that too long handshakes violate social rules, which people prefer less in private life and less in business meetings.

Shaking hands is an important greeting

Dr. Amies, who led the study, said that the handshake is a particularly salutation and can prove effective in prolonging the relationships we have built, but much better within 3 seconds. There is evidence that many behaviors, such as; Hugs arrive within about three seconds, and this study has confirmed that people find it more natural to join hands in this time frame.