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Automotive Sector

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There is a demand for the youth of new skills

Automotive Sector

Introduce to automotive sectors

The development of the building construction sector is taking place at a very fast pace today. Its new and good quality, its the only way. Today, every day you innovate on the roads and if the number increases, then you are watching. But to maintain the growing glow of the building construction sector today, there is a need for friendly youth, but due to lack of skill, their (taxes) maintenance is not being done with better effect. They have to seek the help of professionals for the betterment of their trains, forcing them to pay more. The government is also promoting electric cars to promote a better world to come. For this, 11 cities have been selected, where electric taxes can be lowered. For this, testing and research centers are being built in our country. There are many such professions that have started coming in due time with this type of experiment.

Where is the demand of the Automotive Sector

With the introduction of new products and technology and changes in the rules, job opportunities have increased in the companies making components including leading companies. These new vacancies are associated with new skills and techniques. There will be a demand for skilled youth in Artificial Intelligence and Automation, Internet of Things (IoT). In the next one and a half years, the demand for young people specializing in technologies like 5G connectivity, coding, and advanced driving assistant systems will increase by 17 to 20%.

            In the field of research and development, companies will give the opportunity to young people who have the ability to design electric vehicles, engines and fuel systems. 3D printing technicians, automobile analytics engineers, and sustainability experts are some of its emerging professions. FICCI and NASSCOM have also included in their joint report the automotive sector in five areas where the demand for youth with new skills will increase by 2022. India is the fourth largest car manufacturer in the world, while it comes at number seven in terms of manufacturing commercial vehicles. There is a need for skilled youth directly and indirectly.

Automotive Designing

Automotive Designing

The process of designing the structure and components of motor vehicles is called automobile designing. It takes into account the external and internal structure, color and shape of vehicles such as cars, bikes, trucks, buses. Virtual reality and 3D printing have greatly influenced the sector. In the coming time, in place of design engineering, the profession of interactive designing will come, where professionals will have a special focus on improving the internal structure of vehicles. If youngsters are interested in this vehicle-related work, then becoming an automotive designer can be a career option for them.

Who gets admission-

Interested youth can enter their graduate course after doing 12th science. However, there are some courses for which science is not a science subject. Youngsters can enhance their abilities by doing masters in designing. To enroll in this course one must pass the National Entrance Exam for Design (NEED) entrance exam. Those youth, who are taking a course in it, should move towards learning the nuances through an internship in a company.

Major Institutions-

➤ National Institute of Designing (Ahmedabad)
➤ UPES (Dehradun)
➤ MIT-Institute of Design (Pune)

Employment Opportunities-

These professionals include large automobile companies such as; General Motors India, Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors have a chance in the concept and designing department.


Usually starts at an annual package of Rs 5 lakh ($ 6,965.72).

Automobile Engineering

In these occupations, designing, labeling, manufacturing, repairing, etc. of vehicles are used for many purposes. Mechanical Engineers carry out many responsibilities in this profession. Soon, the demand for mechatronics control engineers will increase. Mechatronics teaches mechanics, computers, and electronics to be used equally. Robotics is a field associated with it. MIT (Manipal), NMIMS (Mumbai) and KIIT (Bhubaneshwar) can be named among the major institutes graduating in Mechatronics and Control Engineers. Only youth who pass the 12th science can appear in the examinations for these courses.

Job opportunities

Jobs in this field are found at the planning, designing, manufacturing and testing levels. Work can be found in service stations and defense services including automobile manufacturing and insurance companies, motor vehicle department corporations. After the course, professionals not only work in large automobile manufacturing companies but can also work in small parts manufacturing company. Many companies like Ashok Leyland, Volvo, Hindustan Motors serve as Automobile Engineering, Technician, Safety Engineer, Performance Engineer, Operation Researcher, etc.'

The turnover of the automotive sector is estimated to reach 16-18 lakh crore by 2026.

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