Thursday, October 31, 2019

5 deadly diseases caused by smartphone or cellphone

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Your smartphone is giving you these 5 modern diseases

5 deadly diseases caused by smartphone or cellphone


700 crore people live on this earth and out of these 700 people, 500 crore people have a smartphone and these 500 crore people like you and me daily search from their smartphone on banking, shopping, youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Google, Come and go anywhere, etc., use their mobile for tasks. It is more dangerous than it sounds. Apart from cancer, diabetes, and heart, it can give you many diseases related to the lifestyle very fast. We can save ourselves from these diseases by changing our daily habits, let's see how ??

1- Text Neck

According to spinal experts, when looking at the post on your smartphone or while scrolling, you have a lot of pressure on the neck due to keeping the head and neck tilted. If this condition persists for a long time, then the neck muscles start to swell and burn and this condition is called 'text neck'. According to the researchers, due to this behavior, the bone under the skull emerges.

2- Gaming Disorder 

The World Health Organization has also acknowledged playing excessive online games worldwide as a mental illness. Most people suffering from gaming disorder attach importance to video games more than their everyday work. Talking about the symptoms of the disease, the sick person does not sleep in it and he starts ignoring his social life too. About 10% of game-players suffer from a gaming disorder.

3- Smartphone Thumb 

According to the results of a survey, about 43% of smartphone users have complained of pain in their thumbs. While using the smartphone, as much as we use our thumbs and hands for swiping, typing, it can cause pain, swelling and tightness to the jungle, wrist, and elbow.

4- Selfitis 

Do you also have the passion to post your selfie all the time? So it means that you are suffering from a disease named website called selfitis. Researchers at Nottingham Trent University have identified this situation. According to the researchers, those people who are in a hurry to post their selfies all the time, lack that self-confidence. People who post their selfies at least 6 times on social media every day are considered to be suffering from self-inflammation.

5- Nomophobia

Nomophobia was accepted as the Cambridge Dictionary's Word of the Year in 2018. This is a situation that arises when a mobile is not used for a long time. According to a survey conducted by YouGov, about 53% of the people do not use mobile phones, people start getting restless and in extreme conditions, they can get panic.