Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Study: E-Cigarette Promotes The Risk of Brain Stroke

Research: Beware of using e-cigarettes! According to a new health study, people who use e-cigarettes have several times more risk of brain ambush.

Study: E-Cigarette Promotes The Risk of Brain Stroke

Study: E-Cigarette Promotes The Risk of Brain Stroke


If you are also addicted to e-cigarette smoking then go cautious. According to new health research, youth who consume e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes have a higher risk of having a brain stroke. This has been claimed in recent research.

Stroke names 

Stroke is known by various names. like; hemiparesis, ischemic stroke, hemorrhagic stroke, mini-stroke, fast stroke, tia stroke, embolic stroke, mca stroke, cryptogenic stroke, mild stroke, heart stroke, cerebellar stroke, spinal stroke, pontine stroke, Cincinnati stroke scale, thalamic stroke, basal ganglia stroke, CVA acute, ischemic stroke, be a fast stroke, posterior circulation stroke, cracking neck stroke, PCA stroke, cardioembolic stroke, diabetic stroke, etc.

Consumption of e-cigarette and a traditional cigarette together is more dangerous

According to this research, people who consume e-cigarettes, as well as traditional cigarettes, have twice the risk of brain injury than those who only smoke. E-cigarettes and cigarette users have a 3 times higher risk of stroke than non-smokers.

The E-cigarette is not an alternative to cigarette

Researcher Tarang Parekh said, it has been known for a long time that cigarette smoking increases the risk of stroke. However, our research has shown that youth who use e-cigarettes have an increased risk of stroke. This is an important message for e-cigarette smokers who consider e-cigarette a safe option. The effects of e-cigarettes falling on the body are now coming to the fore. Our research has revealed the effects of e-cigarettes on the blood vessels, heart and brains of smokers. Mysterious lung disease has been revealed due to e-cigarette in the recent past. Many people have also died due to this.

E-cigarettes can cause asthma

Pulling hot tobacco from e-cigarettes increases the risk of severe asthma and lung disease.


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