Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Eating Bitter Gourd is Beneficial To Prevent Cancer

Research: According to recent health research, eating bitter gourd will be beneficial for those who are suffering from fatal diseases like cancer.

Bitter gourd should be eaten to cure disease like cancer

Eating Bitter Gourd is Beneficial To Prevent Cancer
Bitter Gourd


Bitter gourd has been considered effective for treating many diseases since winter, but recent research has shown that bitter gourd is also helpful in fighting cancer. Bitter gourd juice and supplements are widely used in the treatment of diabetes. According to research conducted on mice at St. Louis University in Missouri, bitter gourd is also effective in fighting cancer.

Types of cancer 

Cancer is known by various names. like; leukemia, lymphoma, skin cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, squamous cell carcinoma, prostate cancer, colon cancer, cervical cancer, multiple myeloma, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, throat cancer, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, brain tumor, testicular cancer, mesothelioma, sarcoma, glioblastoma, stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, mouth cancer, adenocarcinoma, bladder cancer, bone cancer, liver cancer, oral cancer, tongue cancer, blood cancer, Ewing sarcoma, neuroblastoma, Kaposi sarcoma, endometrial cancer, basal cell cancer, uterine cancer, colorectal cancer, anal cancer, stage 4 cancer, cll, kidney cancer, brain cancer,
acute myeloid leukemia, metastatic cancer, head and neck cancer, lymphoma cancer, glioma, neuroendocrine cancer, tonsil cancer, eye cancer, bile duct cancer, lip cancer, laryngeal cancer, bone marrow cancer, lymph node cancer, heart cancer, stage 4 colon cancer, peritoneal cancer, papillary thyroid cancer, terminal cancer, nose cancer, stage 4 breast cancer, stage 3 breast cancer, stage 3 cancer, renal cancer, MDS cancer, stage 2 breast cancer, cell cancer, ear cancer, spinal cancer, basal cell skin cancer, intestinal cancer, oropharyngeal cancer, stage 4 liver cancer, appendix cancer, stage 3 colon cancer, jaw cancer, myeloma cancer, sinus cancer, medullary thyroid cancer, metastatic lung cancer, etc.

Bitter gourd is eaten in many countries

Bitter gourd originally belongs to the South Indian state of Kerala. Later this vegetable was grown and eaten in many places. Bitter gourd was first used as a diet in China and then in Africa and Caribbean regions. Traditionally bitter gourd helps in curing many health problems and in recent times the use of bitter gourd supplements for the treatment of diabetes has increased considerably. It is used prominently in the diet of many countries of Asia.

Used on mice

Professor Ratna Ray and her team at St. Louis University in Missouri researched mice. It has been found that bitter gourd is effective in preventing cancerous tumors from growing and spreading.

Experimentation done on various cancer cells

Researcher Ratna Ray grew up in India, so she learns about bitter gourd recipes and its medicinal properties. They were anxious to know whether this plant also has properties that help fight cancer? He and his team tried to experiment with bitter gourd. They tried using bitter gourd juice on various types of cancer cells. Breast cancer, prostate cancer, brain, and throat cancer cells were present in it.
             In experiments conducted in the lab, it was seen that bitter gourd juice not only prevented these cells from growing in size but also prevented the formation of new cancer cells. Researchers say that bitter gourd can help prevent the spread of cancer.
             Using experiments on mice, the researchers found that the use of bitter gourd juice could also reduce tongue cancer. Therefore, bitter gourd is very beneficial for cancer patients.


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