Tuesday, January 28, 2020

This Serious Problem is Arising Due To increasing Stress

Be careful who takes too much stress! According to a new health study, if you live under a lot of stress then you may have this serious problem.

Hair is quickly turning white due to increasing stress
This Serious Problem is Arising Due To increasing Stress


Today people all over the world suffer from stress. If we talk about India then 83% of the people here suffer from stress. Stress hurts you not only from outside but also internally. In today's modern era, technology has become so advanced and radiation emanating from these technologies can also be a major cause of stress.
        It has been known for centuries that hair becomes white due to stress, but no one knew about the reason behind it. Now scientists have solved the problem of hair becoming white due to stress. Scientists believe that with the help of this, not only will this mystery be revealed, but the solution to that problem can also be discovered, due to which there will be no need to dye hair.

The research was done on mice

Research conducted on mice has led scientists to find stem cells that control hair color, which has long been destroyed due to stress and pain. This study has been done by Howard and the University of Sao Paulo.

Hair is whitening is associated with the aging process

In men and women, after 30 years, such hair becomes white. Originally depending on the genes of the parents, when will the hair color change? Although it naturally depends on the aging process, there is strong evidence that this can also happen due to stress. Researchers have considered the reason behind this is melanocyte stem cells, which produce melanin, which is responsible for hair and skin color.
      This study by scientists is the first step to prevent the negative effects of stress. Researcher at Harvard University and associated with this study, Professor Ya-Seh Hsu, said that now we can say that stress is responsible for the specific changes in the skin.


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