Thursday, January 23, 2020

Injury To The Knee Increases The Risk of This Disease

Researchers studied over 1,50,000 adults on knee injury for 19 years, and they came to know about this terrible knee disease. know what the disease is?

Knee injury increases the risk of arthritis

Injury To The Knee Increases The Risk of This Disease


A knee injury in puberty increases the risk of arthritis in middle age. This has been claimed in recent research. The risk of arthritis increases in middle age due to the connective tissue of the knee or injury to the nerves or fracture of bones in puberty.

Damage to tissues is harmful

Research has found that those whose tissue between thy bone and shin bone were damaged had a 19.6% higher risk of osteoarthritis. At the same time, the risk of arthritis increased by 6.6% due to the rupture of the shin bone.

The knee joint becomes abnormal

Researchers from Land University in Sweden said that a knee joint injury, especially in the meniscus and ligament, changes the knee's chemical pattern. These injuries cause abnormalities in the knee joint. This damages the articular cartilage and increases the risk of arthritis.
          Arthritis called osteoarthritis damages the largest joint that carries body weight and in such a situation the knee needs to be replaced. However, in this research, it is not clear which type of injury is more likely to cause arthritis. 21% of the participants had a broken knee and 18% had a torn knee.

The study was done like this

Researchers looked at 1,50,000 adults between 25 and 34 years old. These 5,200 people had a history of a knee injury. These people were monitored for 2 decades. Researchers found that people who had a knee injury at puberty had a 6-fold higher risk of arthritis. The risk was found to be higher in the initial 11 years of the study, while it was found to be 3 times higher in the subsequent 8 years.


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