Friday, February 21, 2020

Amazing Benefits of Cocoa Consumption You Must Know

Researchers studied 44 participants in relation to cocoa, who was suffering from PAD for 6 months, and the results that came up shocked them.

Consumption of cocoa improves walkability

Amazing Benefits of Cocoa Consumption You Must Know


Hello friends, how are you all? Welcome to Today's topic is going to be very special because today we are going to talk about cocoa. The same cocoa with which chocolate is made. According to one study, drinking hot melted chocolate helps a person to stand on their feet and walk at the age of 60 years. According to a recent study, cocoa, which makes chocolate, helps maintain the smooth flow of blood in the legs. During the research, participants consumed 3 cups of hot chocolate every day for 6 months, an improvement in their walking speed and methods was found.

A study was done on people suffering from PAD

Cocoa contains a substance called epicatechin which is also found in dark chocolate. Researchers believe that epicatechin increases blood flow to the muscles behind people's feet, enabling them to walk more. This research was done on people who were suffering from common peripheral artery disease (PAD). 
        Researcher Professor Mary McDermott of Northwestern University in the US said, "There is not much therapy available to improve the ability of people with peripheral artery disease (PAD) to walk." Researchers Neomi Hamburg said people with pads have as much difficulty running, as patients with heart palpitations. People suffering from peripheral artery disease (PAD) do not have sufficient blood flow in the leg muscles, this always causes pain in the feet.

What is PAD peripheral artery disease )

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a disease that narrows the arteries. Peripheral artery disease (PAD) causes pain, stiffness, and stiffness in the muscles of the feet during running. When peripheral arterial disease (PAD) occurs, the vein may block completely or there is a lump in the veins. The patient feels tired most of the time when peripheral artery disease (PAD) occurs.

The research was done like this

The study studied 44 participants with peripheral artery disease (PAD). All participants were over 60 years of age. The participants were divided into 2 groups. One group was given a cocoa drink 3 times a day and the other group was given a drink without cocoa. The cocoa was not sweet and contained 15 grams of cocoa and 75 grams of epicatechin. At the beginning and end of the research, the walking performance of these participants was judged. Also, blood flow in the legs of these participants was measured in MRI scanning. The research found that participants who consumed cocoa walked 42.6 meters more than others. At the same time, the group that did not consume cocoa was 24.2 meters lower than before. Looking at the positive effects of this result, researchers said that cocoa intake helps increase blood flow to the feet.


I hope you have enjoyed learning about this study of cocoa. So from today, do this remedy for the elders of your home, and get them free from joint pain. Thank you for reading the article.


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