Thursday, February 20, 2020

You Would Hardly Know Such Benefits of Breast Milk

Mother's milk is very important for the baby. Therefore, for breast milk, scientists have made an important disclosure, which you should know.

Baby's brain develops with mother's milk

You Would Hardly Know Such Benefits of Breast Milk


Mother's milk is like nectar for children. Some people refuse to feed the mother's first yellow thick milk to children. They believe that it is a curse for children, it will be harmful to them. but it's not like that. Mother's milk provides many benefits to children. Drinking mother's milk provides many benefits to children. like; Enhances immunity, reduces the risk of diabetes, keeps the digestive system healthy, improves vision, prevents cancer. Breast milk is not only helpful in children's brain development, but the carbohydrate oligosaccharide-2FL present in milk also helps in cognitive development. This has been claimed in recent research.

Children perform better than breast milk

The amount of oligosaccharide-2FL present in an earlier month in breast milk was related to the cognitive development of 2-year-old children. This shows that by consuming mother's milk in the initial months after birth, children's cognitive development is good. Having better cognitive development in the initial 2 years can have a prolonged effect on children's lives.

This was revealed in the analysis

The US University of California conducted research on 50 mothers and their children. Researchers analyze the ingredients present in breast milk and the frequency of weaning in children 1 to 6 months old. When these children reached 24 months of age, children's cognitive development was measured using the Belle-3 scale. It is a test that shows the brain development of children. In several breast milk samples, we identified amounts of oligosaccharide-2FL, researcher Lars Baud said. This technique gives us the ability to separate the elements present in milk. This provides information about children's cognitive development.


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