Friday, March 6, 2020

This Home Remedy Reduces 14% The Risk of Diabetes

Researchers collected data from 1,19,000 people from 2003 to 2006 and studied them for 10 years, claiming that this measure would reduce diabetes by 14%.

3 times brushing reduces the risk of diabetes

This Home Remedy Reduces 14% The Risk of Diabetes


A new study has shown that people who brush 3 or more times a day are less likely to get diabetes. Brushing 3 times reduces the risk of diabetes by 14%. Brushing 2 times reduces the risk of diabetes by 10%. There is a 9% higher risk of diabetes due to gum disease. It has been claimed in a recent study.

Inflammation of gums causes diabetes

The participants in this study were part of the National Health Insurance System of Korea- Health Screening Cohort. He told how often he cleans his teeth. His previous medical records and mouth cleaning information were recorded in the database. According to the researchers, one in 6 had periodontitis. This is a very common situation. In this disease, the gums become inflamed and they become red. In this disease, gums can also bleed and teeth can be destroyed. Researchers said periodontitis plays an important role in developing diabetes.
           By 2025, more than 5 million people in the UK may suffer from the disease. He said that gum disease can also lead to stroke and heart disease. The study has been conducted by researchers at Seoul Hospital and Evah Women's University College of Medicine.

People suffering from periodontitis have more diabetes

The study found that those who suffered from periodontitis disease had a 9% higher risk of developing diabetes. On the other hand, those who had lost about 15 teeth were 21% more likely to have diabetes.
          Also, it has been found that people who brush 3 or more times a day reduce their risk of developing diabetes. Researchers also examined differences between age groups. In it, they found that people who brushed 3 times, were 51 and younger, were less likely to have diabetes. Researchers said the study found that brushing 3 times a day reduces the risk of diabetes by 14%.

The study was done like this

Researchers collected data on approximately 1,90,000 South Koreans between 2003 and 2006 for this study. He analyzed the hygiene of his mouth. 17.5% of these participants had periodontitis. Periodontitis is a gum disease caused by not brushing regularly.
           Researchers examined these people for 10 years. It was found that 31,545 people suffer from diabetes. He had gum disease. On the other hand, it was also observed that people under the age of 51 who brush more than 3 times a day had a 14% lower risk of diabetes. This study has proved that people who brush 3 times a day have a lower risk of diabetes.


I hope that through this article, you would have liked to know about this study done by scientists. If you or a family member has diabetes or want to avoid diabetes, start brushing 3 times a day from today. Thank you for reading the article.


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