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Top 10 Best Career Option in The Field of Design

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"Design" is an area of ​​great potential                   

Top 10 Great Career Option in The Field of Design


Design is one of the most important occupations of the present era. The design of a product or service plays an important role in determining people's attraction towards it. The design also has a role for the management needed to ensure the consumer's access to the product or service. Therefore, the design is a very promising career in terms of a career.
            Today many design branches have developed. These include art design (graphic artist designer, art design website, lesley art and design, artist website design) graphic design (newsletter graphic, outsource graphic design, graphic designer personal logo, scandinavian graphic design, postmodern graphic design, brutalism graphic design, 70s graphic design, 80s graphic design, graphic illustration) production designer, fashion designer, jewelry design, textile design, video game designer, knitwear designer, multimedia design (multimedia web design and development, multimedia website design) footwear design, accessory design, industrial design, automotive design (automotive design and production, basic car design, modern car design, automotive engineering design, auto body design, industrial design car automotive wiring harness design, industrial design automotive, automotive and transport design, automotive industrial design, cad for automotive design, auto dealership design, auto design engineer, automotive engineering and des ign) communication design (purdue visual communication design, multimedia and visual communications, ma communication, design communication logo design, visual communication graphic design, fit communication design) packaging design (cool coffee packaging, logo and branding package, creative packaging, identity package) interior design (nate berkus, home interior, modern interior design, commercial interior design, victorian interior design, 1920s interior design, 60s interior design, 70s interior design, 80s interior design, 1970s interior design, neoclassical interior design, interior design netflix) ceramic design (pottery designs, jonathan adler pottery, ceramic vase designs, ettore sottsass ceramics) concept design (concept of effective web design, conceptual design, logo concept, avroko design, commercial building design concepts, website design concept, rove concepts wishbone chair) web design (website design, google web designer, responsive web design, responsive website, ecomme rce website design, website developers, law firm web design, attorney web design, drupal web design) are prominent. In a recent "designer week" held in Kochi, experts in this field told that the business of designing industry in the country is expected to be equal to Rs 188.2 billion in the year 2020. Also, the industry will need about 62 thousand additional designers. Whereas at present only 7000 designers are employed in the country (India) and about 5000 youth are doing the designing courses.

What is Design?

Design is to create something new with imagination and creative thinking. The design is designed keeping in mind not only the product but also the consumers' needs and their choice. The aim is to facilitate the product as well as make it attractive from the usage point of view so that the consumer can be attracted to buy them.

Necessary Skills

 ➭ Imaginative approach, creative thinking
 ➭ Dream of something new
 ➭ Interested in fine arts
 ➭ Knowledge of related computer software usage

Premier Institute

National Institute of Fashion Technology (New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc.)

National Institute of Design Ahmedabad

Footwear Design & Web Development Institute Noida

Indian Diamond Institute, Surat

Central Footwear Training Center, Chennai

Gem and Jewelry Export Promotion Council, Jaipur

Indian Institute of Gem and Jewelry, Mumbai

Designing course major entrance examinations

➭ The common entrance exam for designing
➭ National Institute of Design-Design Aptitude Test
 UPES - Design Aptitude Test
 Lift entrance
➭ The national entrance exam for design
 All India Entrance Exam for Design
➭ Development and Design Institute

In these examinations, the interest related to the designing of the candidates, the ability to color graphs is tested. The pattern and time of conducting each exam vary. Therefore, find out on the website of the institute in time.


The duration of the Bachelor's Degree in Design course is 4-5 years. They must have at least 10+2 passes for enrollment. This course is available in almost all genres of design. Most institutes allow students of a science background to appear for entrance exams. Master in Design can also be done after a Bachelor's degree.

Job Opportunities

1- Art DesignRoughly it means, if you want to create something like this, then the eyes are pleasing. The utility of such artists is in almost every sphere of life.

2- Graphic DesignIts trained professionals have a lot of utility in web design, book design, food products industry, packaging design.

3- Product DesignTo attract the consumer, it is an important role to launch the product in a new way, bring it to market and always keep it new.

4- Fashion DesignerAccording to an estimate, the global fashion industry has grown to Rs 1,62,900 crore and is growing at a rate of 9.5% annually. It is clear about the importance of fashion designers. However, India's contribution to the fashion industry is also just 0.2%, so there is tremendous potential for growth here.

5-  Jewelry DesignThere is always a demand for new design jewelry in India and also for professionals who make jewelry.

6- Textile DesignEvery change in fashion brings demand for a new design of textiles. In such a situation, there is always a demand for textile designers.

7- Multimedia DesignThey need everything from films to advertising films, where multimedia technology is highly used.

8- Footwear DesignIndia is the world's largest footwear manufacturer after China. About 13% of world footwear production is made in India. This clarifies the need for footwear designers in the country.

9- Accessory DesignDemand for skilled accessory designers is also increasing according to the growing demand for accessories ranging from ladies' purses, belts, and jackets.

10- Visual Communication DesignThere is a growing demand for those who design visual communication in large quantities in electronic media. Similarly, there is an increasing demand for trained professionals in-game designer, industrial design, furniture design, automobile design, communication design, packaging designing, interior design, ceramic design, concept design, web design, etc.


From product manufacturer companies, garment exporters, fashion houses and accessories manufacturers to automobile manufacturers, there may be employment opportunities for trained designers. Famous companies do not hesitate to pay salaries to product designers.

Take care

The field of design has changed rapidly. Therefore, instead of considering yourself omniscient after taking the course, you should keep an eye on the latest trends in this field.

Do You Know?

Portfolio Working: This generally refers to the working life in which a person works separately for different employers at the same time, rather than working full time for one employer.
              The popularity of this method to organize working life is continuously increasing. Actually, job nature is changing fast at the present time. Also, people have diverse interests, skills and ambitions to encourage them to work in portfolios instead of staying in one job for a lifetime.

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