Tuesday, January 7, 2020

11 Mediterranean Diet Beneficial For Kidney Transplants

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Eat fresh fruits and vegetables after kidney transplant

Mediterranean Diet Beneficial For Kidney Transplants
Mediterranean Diet

A new study in the US has shown that the Mediterranean diet is beneficial for those who have had kidney transplants. Researchers said that the Mediterranean diet can be adopted to keep the kidneys healthy. This proves to help improve kidney efficiency.

Sources of the Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean diet means a Mediterranean-style diet that specifically includes fish, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, legumes, nuts, olive oil, low saturated fats, dairy products. It is commonly eaten in areas around the Mediterranean Sea.

Kidney stops working slowly

Researchers said kidney transplants can be life-saving, but within 10 years a third of people who have had kidney transplants have stopped working. The Mediterranean diet can be effective for keeping the kidneys healthy.
       The study was conducted on 632 people who had kidney transplants. It found that 119 people experienced decreased kidney function for over 5 years. While 76 of these people have kidney failure.

Taking a Mediterranean diet reduces the risk

Antonio Gómez-Nieto, MD at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, and his co-workers conducted a study that looked at how the Mediterranean diet is helpful in improving the health of people undergoing kidney transplantation. They said that taking this diet reduces the risk of kidney failure by 29%.