Friday, January 10, 2020

6 Technology That Changed Our lives In A Decade

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6 technology that changed our lives in a decade.

Every day new technologies are coming in front of us. These techniques not only changed our lives. Rather it has become an integral part of our lifestyle. In the last decade, the world has seen the rise of some technologies that no one had thought of 10 years ago.

1- Smart Assistant

Smart assistant

A decade ago, it was strange to think of speaking computers, but now we have many types of smart assistants. Smart Assistant Siri knocked on the iPhone 2S in 2011. After this many types of smart assistants like; Google Smart Assistant, Alexa, etc. exist.
             To use Google Smart Assistant, you can download the Google Assistant app from Play Store. But now Google Smart Assistant by default has started coming in every new smartphone. If you want Google Smart Assistant to help you, just have to say like; OK Google Talk or Hey Google Talk, OK Google Google, Ok Google Now, Ok Google, OK Google hello Google, OK Google can you help me, OK Google talk with me, OK Google Talk, etc.
             Now Google Home Mini app has also started coming in the market, with the help of which you can easily connect with Google ai assistant. If you want to use an assistant for PC Windows 7 or Google assistant PC for window 10 you can use it. And if you want to know more about Google Smart Assistant then you can go to Google Home website.

2- Smart Watch

Nobody thought of smartwatches before 2010. But in 2010, the technology of smartwatches came to the fore through Pebble Watch, after which fewer companies launched their smartwatches at attractive prices. These include Ornate, Apple Watch, and Samsung Galaxy Gear.

3Ignited Reality

Ignited reality has made a place in our life as a smartphone feature. It is currently being used more in the gaming sector, with IKEA's Place app indicating that AR will change our lives in the future.

4- Tablet Computer

In 2010, the first generation iPad launched. At that time, people did not know how it would prove useful, but today almost everyone has a tablet computer in which all kinds of work can be done.

5- Touch ID

In 2012, Apple took up the responsibility of developing fingerprint sensor technology for the first time and made this technology available in the iPhone-5. After this, it was used in many computers, phones, and tablets and due to which the biometric security system was introduced. It is now being used in many places. Face recognition time attendance system, thumbprint security system, eye scan security systems, finger time attendance system, face time attendance machine, etc. are the major biometric security systems.

6- Wireless Earbuds

When Apple first launched AirPods in 2016, people were not sure how earbuds could work without wires. But now many companies like; Samsung earbuds, bose earbuds, raycon earbuds, Samsung wireless earbuds, Samsung galaxy earbuds, airpod pro, etc.