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Top 12 Career Option in The Field of Gaming Industry

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Unlimited opportunities for the golden future of the gaming industry

Unlimited opportunities for the golden future of the gaming industry
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Due to around 30 crore players and 300 game development companies, India today has joined 5 countries of the world in the gaming market. Gaming companies have grown rapidly in the last 10 years, with new career options being created here. Obviously, because of the increasing demand, skilled youth will be required in this area.
                      The gaming industry is not only suitable for young people who like to play games but is also a center of attraction for those who want to understand and use the process of gaming. The universality of smartphones has made the field so widespread that today gaming societies, events, and championships are being held in the world. Beyond entertainment, this technology is now being used in other fields. According to the KPMG report, the online gaming industry in India had a turnover of 5000 crores by 2018 and is expected to reach 12000 crores by 2023. This is the reason why many big companies are investing in it. Recently, Baji Games announced that it would invest $ 5 million in the Indian gaming industry over the next 6 months. The demand for work in every field related to gaming is increasing rapidly, but there is a shortage of skilled people in this field right now. Therefore, students who are fond of gaming, have their skills and upgrade themselves towards the gaming industry.

How to increase skills in the gaming industry

The field of the gaming industry is so wide, the scope of skills for it is equally large. Apart from being creative for the game artist, 3D Max, Maya, Photoshop, etc. tools are also very knowledgeable. A programmer should know object-oriented programming and mathematics, as well as game engine integration, etc. In addition to the script skills, marketing skills, and communication skills, communication skills are also mandatory.
          Entry into the gaming industry can be done after the 10th by taking a certificate course. A 12th pass is required to take a diploma graduation course. A bachelor's degree in the field of technology is compulsory for masters. One can get a Bachelor's Degree in a recognized University of Fine Arts. This course is mandatory for entry into the gaming industry-

Certificate Course: Gaming, Game Art, and Designing.

Diploma Course: Game Design and Integration, Animation, Special Effects, Advanced Diploma in Game Art, and 3D Game Content Creation, Game Programming, Game Designing, Development Applications.

DegreeBSc in Graphics, Animation, Gaming; B.A. In Digital Filming, Animation; B.Tech Computer Science, Game Development.

MastersIntegrated MSc in Multimedia and Animation; MSc Gaming, Game Design-Development Multimedia, and Animation.

Increase the planned steps

An InternshipThe internship is necessary for practical training. This makes sense of every aspect of the game and coding. This can help in making your game in the future and also make a move to a big company.

Beginning: One or two years, working with a studio can be started as a game tester, game programmer. The starting salary can be 20 to 25 thousand rupees per month.

Digital GroupJoin the online game community, where people share ideas and help each other. There is a large platform where networking can be carried forward while being active. You can also create your website, in which you can link samples of your game.

some major institute 

National Institute of Design, Bangalore
➭ IIFA Multimedia, Bangalore
➭ Institute of Creative Arts, Hyderabad
➭ Asian Institute of Design, Bangalore
➭ VIT, Bhopal
➭ MIT Institute of Design, Pune
➭ Academy of Animation and Gaming, Noida
➭ Global School of Animation and Games, New Delhi
➭ Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics, Mumbai
➭ PAI International Learning Solutions, Pune

These are career options

Career options are more in the gaming industry than in other industries. Some of the key career options are- Give Animations, Script Writer, Concept Artist, 3D Modeler, Rigging Artist, Game Programmer-Developer, Sound Designer- Audio Engineer, Marketing Manager, Technical Support, Project Manager, and Game Critic-Journalist.

It is necessary to have a strong portfolio

It is important to have a hold on creativity and technology in this area. Apart from accurate coding, one should also know mathematics and graphics. There should be a new learning mindset every day. It is easy to move beyond experience and a great portfolio.

Do you know?

Time Management: Time management is the process of organizing time between specific activities and planning closures. It teaches you how to do a better job. It helps you achieve efficiency and more productivity in your work. Also, there is no stress due to the completion of the work in the time limit. A professional needs to increase their reputation and ability to advance.