Friday, January 24, 2020

Smoking in Pregnancy is Fatal For Your Baby

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Smoking in Pregnancy is Fatal For Your Baby

Health Study: Smoking in Pregnancy is Fatal For Your Baby


The baby born to the women who smoke even after the first 3 months during pregnancy is 12 times more likely to die suddenly. This has been claimed in recent research. The disease has been called SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

What is SIDS?

In SIDS, the infant dies suddenly without any reason within the age of 1 year. Numerous researches have shown that smoking in pregnancy increases the risk of SIDS. Some research has also found that drinking alcohol during pregnancy also increases the risk of SIDS. Research has shown that exposure to tobacco and alcohol during pregnancy increases the risk of SIDS.

It is more dangerous to consume both together

"Our research findings have shown that tobacco and alcohol have a relationship with SIDS," said researcher Amy J. Elliott of America's Avera Health Center for Pediatric and Community. Consumption of alcohol and tobacco together increases the risk of infant mortality manifold.

The study was done like this

The researchers monitored 12,000 pregnant women. In this, participants were selected from 5 places in South Africa and America. These places were selected keeping in view the high consumption of cigarettes and alcohol. Researchers monitored the children for 1 year after birth and 66 children died during this period. Women who consumed cigarettes after the first trimester of pregnancy had 5 times higher risk of having SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).