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13 Reasons and 24 Home Treatments For Constipation

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13 Reasons and 24 Remedies For Constipation

Health:13 Reasons and 24 Remedies For Constipation

Most people in the country shy away from talking about their diseases. They think people will make fun of them. One such problem is constipation. According to a recent survey, 22% of adults in the country are seriously troubled by constipation. In metros, this problem is more. Many people are also hesitant to talk about it, for this reason, they also avoid treatment.

               According to experts, this is usually due to poor lifestyle and poor diet. Constipation is seen even when there is a cold. Doctor Suhail Ahmed explains that most people lie down immediately after having dinner. Whereas they should sleep only after a short walk. This makes food easily digested. Drinking less water and not eating fiber-rich things also aggravate this problem. According to various reports, prolonged constipation increases the risk of problems such as diabetes, blood pressure, hemorrhoids, lack of sleep, ulcers, abdominal pain. Prolonged constipation increases mood fluctuations and irritability. Sometimes it becomes difficult for a person to sit up with people.

What is constipation 

Constipation is a serious problem associated with the digestive system. If there is no bowel movement for a long time or you have to put a lot of pressure to pass a bowel movement, it is called constipation. According to experts, having defecation less than three times in 1 week is considered constipation. In such a situation the stool becomes very hard and later this problem can become very serious.

Types of Constipation 

There are 2 types of constipation-

(1)  Chronic ConstipationPoop is less frequent and difficult. Poop comes out with difficulties and pain. The feeling of heaviness persists even after defecation. 

(2)  Severe ConstipationWhen the stool does not come out at all. Even gas does not come out. This type of constipation is considered very serious. In this situation, treatment is very important soon.

When is the danger more

The risk of constipation is high due to incorrect eating and no physical exercise. Eating late at night and sleeping immediately also increases the problem of constipation. People over the age of 55 are also more likely to get it. Elderly people reduce manual labor. Then not being able to eat all kinds of things, their diet lacks nutritious elements.
            People suffering from spine pain and back pain are also more likely to suffer constipation. Women have this problem more than men. In the same way, when the problem of children becomes large due to wrong eating and excessive consumption of junk food. Due to attachment to special taste, children eat less nutritious things, which increases the risk of constipation.

These tests are necessary for constipation

Constipation can occur at any age. Some people have it for some time and in some people, constipation persists for a long time. Tests are also done several times for constipation in severe conditions. These tests are as follows-

(1)  Markerstudy: This shows how food is working in your body. The doctor will give you medicine to eat. Then the X-ray will be done, which shows the correct condition of the stomach.

(2)  Anorectal manometry: Through this test, doctors insert a tube inside the body through the stool gate. This tube shows the correct condition of the muscles of the body.

(3)  Barium enema x-ray: One night before taking this test, a person suffering from constipation is asked to drink plenty of water. After this, the intestines and part of the rectum are examined through X-ray.

Constipation Symptoms

  1. Unclean stomach.
  2. Abdominal heaviness after defecation.
  3. Having a headache.
  4. Acidity.
  5. loss of appetite.
  6. Eye irritation.
  7. Feeling of weakness
  8. stomach pain.
  9. Pain while defecating.
  10. Tongue to be white or beige.
  11. Bad smelling mouth.
  12. Blisters or pimples.

Causes of Constipation in Young Children

  1. If too much toilet training is imparted in young children, many children become nervous by this process and block stool. It causes constipation.
  2. The digestive system of young children is affected due to the changing season and many children have constipation problems.
  3. Constipation can also occur when children release fluids and start taking solids. Note that there is no lack of fiber and water in the body.
  4. While cow's milk is very mild for children, but some children are allergic to cow's milk, it causes constipation.

Is this the reason for constipation?

(1)  Consuming less fiber: Fibers that help in cleaning the intestines. This makes food easily digested. The stool moves easily. Constipation starts when there is a lack of fiber in food.

(2)  Low intake of substances: Food ingredients first need fluid to come easily to the food pipe and then to the intestines. Nobody can do this work better than water. When drinking less water, the intestines dry up and constipation begins.

(3)  Hypothyroidism: This is a problem associated with the thyroid, in which the thyroid gland becomes inactive. This causes the metabolism to be sluggish. As this problem increases, along with this, problems of fatigue, rapid weight gain and constipation begin. If this is happening to you too, then you must contact the doctor.

(4)  Drug DependenceIf there is a pain in the stomach, there is medicine or if there is a pain in the head, medicine! Consumption of certain medicines and painkillers can also cause constipation.

(5)  Lack of sleepOn one hand, the constipation problem affects the quality of sleep, the constipation problem persists even when there is a lack of sleep. Sleep has a profound effect on our digestive system.

(6)  During PregnancyConstipation occurs even when there is a secretion of progesterone hormone during pregnancy. This causes muscle contraction and food reaches the intestines slowly. Pregnant women consume iron too much, it can cause constipation. Often this occurs in the first 3 months.

(7)  Stress and lack of manual laborSitting for long hours and lack of physical activity makes metabolism worse and causes constipation. Stress has a bad effect on our digestion.

(8)  The supplement is dangerousThose taking iron and calcium supplements also have a higher risk of constipation.

(9)  Stop urineIt has often been observed that at times when we are busier in office, we stop urine. It is not good for health. This can not only cause more infection from the urinary tract but can also cause constipation.

Do not eat such food during constipation

  1. Fried things. Spicy food and junk food.
  2. Aerial beverages such as cold drinks.
  3. Take caffeine-rich things like tea and less.
  4. Do not consume alcohol and smoking.

Home remedies for constipation

  1. In the morning, drink lemon and salt mixed in boiled water.
  2. Start the day by drinking a spoonful of castor and olive oil. Drinking castor milk in hot milk at night is also beneficial.
  3. Eat papaya regularly.
  4. Grind flax seeds and mix it in water.
  5. Before going to sleep, mix Triphala powder in lukewarm water.
  6. Soaking raisins at night and eating in the morning provides relief.

Include it in food

BerryBerry has the highest amount of fiber. One cup of berry gives us 8 grams of fiber easily. In this category, things like strawberry, berries, and plum are easily available in India.

OrangeIt contains a good amount of Vitamin-C. Vitamin-C works to cool the stomach. Regular intake of it reduces the risk of constipation.

AlmondAlmond is very good for the heart and it also contains a fair amount of fiber. With its help, the bowels start functioning well. Almonds also increase the digestive capacity of the body. other than this-
  • Include oats, brown rice, fruits, and vegetables in the diet.
  • Avoid working all day. Spend some time in sports.
  • Drink lukewarm water in the morning instead of bed tea.

Do yoga

  1. Mayurasan
  2. Ardhamatsyandrasana
  3. Hallasan
  4. Pawanmuktasan
  5. Butterfly pose


Thank you for reading this article. I hope you liked this article. If you also have constipation, then you must also adopt the measures given by me, it will benefit you, thank you.