Friday, February 7, 2020

Health Study: 9 Serious illnesses Due To Night Shift

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5 Serious illnesses Due To Night Shift

Health Study: 5 Serious illnesses Due To Night Shift


If you work in the night shift then this information is very important for you. This article is very important for all those who work shift work. People working in night shifts do their work by staying awake all night and it can be very dangerous for them. Night shift workers are more at risk of having sleep disorders and metabolic syndrome (metabolic disorders). For both these reasons, there is a higher risk of heart diseases, stroke, and type-1 diabetes. This has been claimed in recent research. 

Changing the shift is dangerous

"The strength of our economy and the security of our society depends largely on those working in the night shift," said Kshama Kulkarni, principal researcher at the University of Tauro, USA. In such a situation, it is very important to pay attention to the people working in the night shift. Previous research found that nurses working at night shift were found to have 9 times more metabolic syndrome than nurses working in the morning shift.
             According to the researchers, working in the night shift changes the biological clock of the person, which works to control nerves and hormones. As soon as a person's biological clock is disturbed, due to which the level of their hormone starts to change. They increase cortisol, Ghrelin, and insulin levels, and decrease serotonin hormone levels. Metabolic syndrome develops due to changes in hormone levels.

Diseases due to night shift work

Working in the night shift causes the following diseases-
  1. Sleep disorders.
  2. Digestive related disorders.
  3. Digestive related disorders.
  4. heart disease.
  5. Encephalitis
  6. Type-1 diabetes.
  7. Change in biological clocks.
  8. The level of cortisol, Ghrelin, and insulin increases.
  9. Serotonin hormone levels decrease.

Do not overdose sugar

Prior research has shown that people working in different shifts consume more beverages and fat snacks. They reduce protein and vegetable intake and often skip meals. Researcher Kshama Kulkarni said that it is true that getting enough sleep, eating a good diet and exercising is very important for the health of all. Although these things are greatly reduced in people working in the shift, we need new methods to keep the health of such people healthy.


I hope this article proves to be very important for you and this article is also very important for you. If you also work in the night shift then you have to take care of your health. To avoid the 9 serious diseases mentioned above, you must eat fruits and vegetables and do not forget to exercise at all in the morning.