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Kidney Diseases Will Be identified In Advance

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Kidney Diseases Will Be identified In Advance

Kidney Diseases Will Be identified In Advance


In Saudi Arabia and Belgium (24%), Poland (18%), Germany (17%), Britain and Singapore (16%). Norway and the Netherlands 5%. There are 14% in the United States, 13% in Canada and Australia. 7% in South Asia and Africa, 11% in North America and 12% in Europe.
          You must be wondering what is this? These are the figures where the number of kidney patients is highest. So you can guess from this how serious and big kidney disease is. Kidney disease continues to spread day by day. Therefore, to avoid kidney disease, researchers have developed a cheaper test that can identify future kidney diseases or the need for dialysis.

Patients will be able to avoid kidney transplant

Researchers at the University of California, Man Francisco have developed a test that will detect from the excessive amount of protein present in the urine of patients with kidney disease whether they are likely to develop any serious kidney disease in the future. The results of this test will enable patients to receive treatment beforehand, which will save many patients from dialysis and kidney transplantation.

Kidney disease is identified by protein

Lead researcher Chivuan said that the protein present in urine indicates future kidney disease. However, it is not used in patients with severe kidney injury. It is an inexpensive process that is used in many other places. Protein testing should be done for these patients. There is a risk of recurrence in patients recovering from the disease. It also increases the risk of kidney failure, heart disease, and death. 13 million people worldwide suffer from kidney disease. 20% of patients with this disease have an increased risk of severe kidney disease within three to 5 years.

The researchers studied two groups of participants. One group did not have kidney disease and the other group had severe kidney injury. The study was carried out from 2009-2018. After 4.7 years, 138 of the participants with acute kidney injury had increased kidney disease. At the same time, 58 patients had this disease at the advanced stage. According to the researchers, early detection can prevent serious kidney disease with various drugs and treatments.

Kidney disease increases the risk of heart disease

People who have kidney disease have a higher risk of heart disease. Research by the University of Alabama has identified a pathological change that links kidney disease to cardiovascular disease. This pathological change is called coronary microvascular dysfunction. In this, the secretion of blood in the blood vessels of the heart decreases due to which the muscles of the heart become weak.

The research was done like this

This research studied 1500 patients who had severe kidney disease (acute kidney injury). It is a disease in which the kidney stops filtering waste from the blood. Patients who had high protein content in their urine after being discharged from the hospital were found to have a 150-fold higher risk of future kidney disease. Acute kidney injury can occur at any age.


I hope that you must have liked knowing about this research done by scientists through this article. Therefore, this study will be highly beneficial for kidney patients, thank you.