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Repeated Diet Changes Will Cause You 2 Serious Harm

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These 10 Things Related to Health You Must Know

Repeated Diet Changes Will Cause You Serious Harm

Hello friends, welcome to Today's article is very important because I am going to tell you 10 things related to health which have been proved in recent studies. Which is very important for you to know. So let's see what are the things related to health that you need to know-

1- Claim: Eating one egg every day is good for health

Claim: Eating one egg every day is good for health

There are many misconceptions about egg intake and its effects on the heart, but now researchers have said in recent research that consuming one egg a day is good for health.             
                     It is found by McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences that eating one egg daily is safe. After analyzing the data of three large and long-lasting types of research, the researchers have given information about the safe quantity of eggs. Researcher Mahseed Dehghan said, consuming eggs, such as consuming one egg daily, does not increase the risk of heart-related diseases or death. Even if the patient has a heart-related disease long back. Apart from this, there is no correlation between egg intake and blood cholesterol. This result also applies to people suffering from healthy and heart-related diseases. Although eggs are a cheaper alternative to essential nutrients, it is very important to set a limit for the egg intake.

2- Changing diet will harm health

Changing diet will harm health

After consuming a limited and low-calorie diet for several days, consuming a high-calorie diet can reduce age potential and negatively impact health. Recent research has claimed that repeated dietary changes can negatively affect health. Researchers at the University of Sheffield, UK, have shown in this research how the intake of different foods slows down the aging process. Therefore, if you also want to see yourself, then avoid changing the diet again and again.

3- Living among nature improves mental health

Living among nature improves mental health

According to recent research, people experience happiness only by staying in nature for 10 minutes. Also, the effect of physical and mental stress is reduced. It is especially beneficial for students to spend time in nature. Researchers said that nature is a free and easy treatment for stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems. Researcher Jane Meredith of Cornell University in the United States says that it doesn't take long to get positive benefits. We are talking about living with nature in the open for only 10 minutes.

4-  Vitamin-D deficiency in pregnancy threatens children

Vitamin-D deficiency in pregnancy threatens children

Vitamin-D deficiency during pregnancy increases the risk of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children. This has been claimed in recent research. Research has shown the association between low vitamin-D levels in mid-pregnancy and Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children. Researchers at the University of Turku, Finland, studied 1067 children born between 1998–1999 and found to be suffering from Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Researchers also included the same number of normal children. Specimens of pregnant women were tested during the first trimester and second trimester in pregnancy to determine vitamin D levels.
       This research suggests a correlation between low levels of vitamin D in pregnancy and attention-related problems in children.

5- Air pollution is fatal not only to the lungs but also to the kidneys

Air pollution is fatal not only to the lungs but also to the kidneys

Air pollution has many side effects on our health. It has been found in a new study that high air pollution can also be fatal for the kidney. This also increases the risk of kidney disease.
                      Researchers at America's Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine studied the effects of air pollution on the kidneys for about 11,000 adults for several years. The average level of particulate matter (PM) of air pollution was assessed in participants every month. Particulate matter (PM) originates from sources such as fossil fuels and industrial processes. Based on detailed analysis, researchers found a high level of relationship to particulate matter (PM) with kidney disease markers. This may increase the risk of kidney disease in the future.

6- Eating less can prolong the life

Eating less can prolong the life

Catering plays an important role in good health. New studies have shown that eating less will not only keep the body healthy but can also prolong life. American and Chinese scientists have concluded this based on a new study done on mice. In this, the effect of calorie restriction on the cells of the diet considered.
                 Researchers found that such a diet prevents us from aging quickly. Researchers said we know that calorie restriction diets have a longer lifespan, but now we have proved its potential. In old age, there is a risk of diseases like dementiacancer, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. Studies on animals have proved that the calorie restriction diet can be effective in the prevention of age-related diseases.

7- Stuffed breakfast can help you lose weight fast

Stuffed breakfast can help you lose weight fast

If you want to lose weight, eat more breakfast in the morning and eat less at night. This will not only reduce obesity but also keep blood sugar levels under control. This has been claimed in recent research.
                                   Researchers from the Germany's University of Lübeck found that our body uses food better in the morning. According to researchers, our body consumes energy when food is digested for absorption, digestion, transport, and storage of nutrients. This process is called diet-induced thermogenesis (dit). induced thermogenesis is a measure of how well our digestive system is functioning. It varies according to the time of eating.

8- High risk of injury to adult children

High risk of injury to adult children

Recent research has shown that children who act like hyperactivity and inattention are at greater risk of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in adolescence. These actions are a kind of mental and behavioral problem, commonly known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
             This study has been done by researchers at McGill University. According to the study, children who are inattentive and hyperactive at the age of 10 have a higher risk of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in adolescence and adulthood. However, the risk of fatal brain injuries can be reduced through treatments to reduce these behaviors.

9- The snake venom will cure cancer

The snake venom will cure cancer

Breast cancer and colon cancer tumors can be eliminated with snake venom. This has been claimed in recent research. However, scientists say that finding the right dosage is a big challenge. Researchers at the University of Northeast Colorado are testing thousands of types of snakes on poison to find a cure for cancer.
                Scientists say that snake venom can cure human diseases. After research on human cancer cells grown in the lab, the researchers said that snake venom can prove to be effective in eliminating cancer cells. Snake venom is very poisonous and once a bite can kill a human being.
                  Scientists have accepted that if the snake venom is directed towards cancer cells, it can eliminate cancer cells without harming humans. Snake venom has been used as a medicine among tribal people for many centuries. Due to this, some scientists have increased interest in it. Snake venom contains many proteins and chemicals. This poison can contain a hundred kinds of compounds.

10- People lie to show themselves true

People lie to show themselves true

Some people like to lie to look truthful. According to recent research, some people prefer to lie rather than appearing selfish by telling the truth. According to researchers from the American Psychological Association, they prefer to lie to show themselves as truthful.
                     Leading researcher Shoham Khoshen Hillel said many people care more about their reputation. They make a lot of sense about how other people rate them. Such people even make a lie by giving money to look truthful.
                   Our findings have shown that when people get extremely favorable results, they expect suspicious reactions from other people and in such cases lie to appear truthful.


I hope you must have liked this 10 health advice that I have given and you must include it in your life for your better life. Thank you for reading the article.