Wednesday, March 4, 2020

5 Serious Brain Diseases Caused by Using Social Media

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Overuse of social media threatens mental illness

5 Serious Brain Diseases Caused by Using Social Media


Hello friends, today I have brought a very important topic for all of you, which is very important for you to know. You must have used social media in your daily life. So have you ever thought how right it would be for you to use social media? Using social media can cause many serious illnesses related to your brain. So let's know that by using social media your What will be the effect on the brain?
                          A recent study has shown that children who use social media three times a day have a higher risk of brain disease. Scientists have concluded this after analyzing the data obtained through an interview with 13 thousand teenagers.
                       Experts at University College London found that the rate of anxiety among adolescent girls who used social media frequently was 28%. The same boys also fall victim to this problem due to using popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. But boys were found to have a lower risk of the disease than girls.

Social media disrupts physical activity

Researchers said that social media directly damages mental health. They believe that girls who spend hours on social media are victims of cybercrime and reduce sleep and exercise. Other factors are believed to be behind the impact of social media on the mental health of boys.
                       The study's lead researcher, Professor Russell Winer, said, "Our results suggest that repeated use of Shosal media disrupts activities that negatively impact mental health."

Social media is increasing nervousness among teenagers

Symptoms of nervousness and stress are rapidly emerging in adolescents using social media, TV, and computers. This has been claimed in recent research. According to this research, symptoms of stress and anxiety have started appearing in adolescents for over 4 years using social media, watching television and using computers.


According to researchers at the University of Montreal, Canada, when teenagers use their social media less, watch less TV and use fewer computers, they begin to reduce symptoms of panic.

More mental disorders in girls through social media

At the beginning of the study, only 43% of boys and 51% of girls were found to be using it multiple times a day. However, in 2015 the figure reached 69% and 75% respectively. The study has observed that both sexes had more mental problems than social media. However, according to the study, the more times girls come on social media or check it, the more mental disorder they have. Over 90% of teenagers in the UK use social media to make friends and talk. 9,13 to 17-year-old teens out of 10 use social media worldwide.

Disease caused by using social media

Using social media brings the following problems, such as;
  1. Using social media increases Nervousness.
  2. Using social media increases stress.
  3. Using social media increases sadness.
  4. Using social media increases anxiety.
  5. Using social media is hard to focus on study.

The Study was done like this

The researchers conducted a study between 2013 and 2015. In it, he has seen a relationship between social media and mental health in adolescents from 13 to 16 years. They found that teenagers use social media 3 or more times a day. Adolescents who use over-the-counter media have shown various symptoms including sadness, anxiety, and difficulty concentrating. Meanwhile, each teenager was also informed about their quality of sleep and physical activities. During the study, satisfaction, happiness, and anxiety about the life of all the participants were also surveyed.


I hope you have liked this article. So now after reading this article, before thinking about using social media, do think once about your health. Thank you for reading the article.