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This is The Right Treatment For Endometriosis

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Some important things related to endometriosis

This is The Right Treatment For Endometriosis


Women refrain from talking about their health problems. Endometriosis is a common problem that can be a major problem to ignore. Let us know what is the right treatment. Endometriosis affects both women's bodies and minds. It also falls on social relations. Endometriosis has been increasing rapidly for some time. Although it is a common problem, people do not know about endometriosis. Doctor Suhail Ahmed states that in women aged 25–30 years, it is a major cause of abdominal pain complaints and the inability to conceive. Indeed, in the endometriosis problem, the growth of tissue (endometrium) does not occur properly during pregnancy. Whenever women have a period, bleeding also starts from inside this tissue. In this way, blood accumulates inside the ovary and is called an endometriotic cyst. It is also called chocolate cyst because frozen blood looks like chocolate. Not only this, but blood clots also form in the body category, due to which the ovaries, intestines, and tubes start sticking together.

Endometriosis causes problems in the period

At the period, the endometrium tissue begins to grow abnormally inside the pregnancy. It not only affects the ovaries and reproductive organs but also damages the intestines.
Endometriosis causes severe pain in the period. Bleeding is more or less frequent. As the ovaries and tubes get damaged, it increases the risk of infertility. When the problem becomes more severe, the internal organs are also damaged. This condition is called frozen pelvic. Doctor  Ahmed explains that the patient is examined and sonography. Laparoscopy is also performed in many cases. These days endoscopic surgery is also being done, in which 2 or 3 incisions are made on the abdomen and then the affected organs are removed or endometriosis is done with the help of laser.

Take medicines for endometriosis only by asking a doctor

Gynecologist endoscopist surgeon doctor Renu Chawla says, "Endometriosis causes severe pain. Sometimes even with many pain relievers, there is no rest. The rectum is very painful and bowel movements are difficult. By the way, some are safe medications and hinges are available, which can prevent them from 2 to 3 years. Laparoscopic surgery should only be performed for endometriosis larger than 5 cm.

Surgery is not the last treatment for endometriosis

Endometriosis may recur after surgery. Some patients have to undergo surgery for endometriosis only after a short time. Young women suffering from endometriosis who wish to conceive should undergo specialized treatment such as IUI and IVF. If women are older, then it is right to completely remove Uterus and Ovary.

It is necessary to know the disease of endometriosis

Doctor Chawla says that if there is severe pain in the lower abdomen. There is severe pain in the lower back and rectum. If the pain is accompanied by fever, please see a doctor. Doctors may have a laparoscopy done if necessary. Surgery may be performed to remove a large portion of endometriosis. It is also important to know that the probability of treating endometriosis is 50–50. It depends on the suit of medicine and surgery.

What research says on endometriosis

Numerous research on endometriosis continues worldwide. Many modern medicines and injections for endometriosis are also available in the market, but currently, 100% success has not been achieved yet. There is also an injection, which costs 5 to 7 thousand rupees. 3-6 injections are given at intervals of 21–21 days. But be sure to consult a doctor before using such an injection.

Why surgery???

In the third stage, an attempt is made to open the knots which have become pelvic organs. Tubes are separated and cleaned. In such a situation it is very painful for the victims. But after the problem increases significantly, surgery remains the only remedy for endometriosis.


I hope you liked this article. Through this article, you will have come to know about the right treatment of endometriosis. If you have endometriosis, then follow the measures given above by me. Thank you for reading the article.