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What is Allergy??? 12 Symptoms of Allergy and Treatment

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    What is the allergy

What is Allergy??? 12 Symptoms of Allergy and Treatment

Every man, whether he is a woman or a man, has given special strength to bear the external elements. Yet many times such elements that cause side effects on the human body and try to reach inside the body, then the internal elements of the body come into the movement and prevent the effect of those inverted elements in the body. This is what causes such a process to cause allergic reactions.

    Are you troubled by these symptoms?

  1. Rashes on the body
  2. Urticaria
  3. Stomach ache
  4. Swelling of face, lips, eyes 
  5. Nausea and diarrhea
  6. Have a cold
  7. Swagger
  8. Have trouble breathing
  9. Nasal congestion
  10. Swelling and burning sensation in the lungs
  11. Pharyngitis
  12. Sneezing
(These symptoms can be of Allergy)

What are the reasons that cause allergies

Allergies can be caused due to many reasons such as trees, plants, dust, soil, pets, medicines, and food items, etc. while traveling in our daily life.
  1. Different members of a family, women, men, children or old people may be allergic to various things.
  2. Some may be touched by flowers.
  3. Consumption of milk, yogurt, meat, fish can also cause allergic reactions.
Many types of allergies can be treated with medicines. On examining the blood, it is found out what kind of allergy is, and it is possible to treat the allergy by giving medicines.

    Come, know how to get relief from allergies

    For example, if a working person is perfectly fine in his house but as soon as he starts sneezing after reaching the office every day, then, in that case, that person is in trouble, but he has problems with his colleagues. She goes. In such a situation, the inferiority complex develops in that person. While he is helpless on this disease, his colleagues find an excuse to tighten his tensions. Such a person should get his blood tested soon to avoid these diseases, in which the cause of his allergy can be ascertained and his treatment done.


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