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Some information about me

My name is Siddhant-Mani and I am a resident of India. I am a student. I want to be a programmer so I have learned HTML language and am learning "C" language and will also learn more programming languages ​​gradually. Later I will open my website and come to YouTube.

About this blog

I created this blog (Viptechnique.com) in September 2019. My language is Hindi, so first I started writing articles in the Hindi language and due to keywords, I have started writing articles in the English language except for Hindi. 
       In this blog, you will find information related to tech, health, scientific health studies, career, the key to success, general knowledge, exam, internet, biography, world, business,

Contact  us 

You can also mail me (sidmani8840447062@gmail.com, sidmani8840@gmail.com, or sidmani8840447062@outlook.com) if you want to suggest me something or tell me something. You can also contact me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin. I will surely reply to you within 24 hours, thanks.

About Us,

Name- Siddhant-Mani

City-  Gorakhpur

State- Uttar Pradesh, India

Contact us- sidmani8840447062@gmail.com


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