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Some information about me

My name is Siddhant-Mani and I am a resident of India. I am a student. I want to be a programmer so I have learned HTML language and am learning "C" language and will also learn more programming languages ​​gradually. Later I will open my website and come to YouTube.

About this blog

Hello, I am a health blogger. I created this blog (Viptechnique.com) in September 2019. I upload new health-related articles every day on my website and also tell about new health studies being done by scientists.

These days, our scientists keep doing some studies related to health, which is very important for you to know, but there is no medium through which you can know which new studies have been done by scientists regarding health. That is why I have created this blog so that you can know what studies have been done or are being done by scientists about health.

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You can also mail me (sidmani8840447062@gmail.com, sidmani8840@gmail.com, or sidmani8840447062@outlook.com) if you want to suggest me something or tell me something. You can also contact me on Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin. I will surely reply to you within 24 hours, thanks.


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